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19/05/2021 | 0 comments

Goats Milk Skin Care Products

Goats Milk Skin Care Goats of the Gorge Ltd is a Somerset family run business who use the milk from the award winning Kerborne herd of goats and manufacture all their own products using natural oils.

​Read the Facebook customer reviews how it’s helped ECZEMA, PSORIASIS.

Goats of the Gorge Ltd manufacture Goat’s milk Soaps, Shampoo bars, Skin Cream, Skin lotion, Bath Soak, Bath Bombs, candles and natural lip balms.
Goats of the Gorge are being as eco-friendly as possible by using, silk organza bags, aluminium tins and glass jars and making more positive moves in this direction.
Check out their full range here
Visit the online shop www.goatsofthegorge.com
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10% discount using the code THFYO10
​With over 50 outlets in farm shops and Garden centres throughout England, Wales and Scotland, offering their customers this beneficial handmade product and receiving great feedback, they are obviously doing something right. 
If you fancy stocking this great range, they have now designed a table top stand to display the range in too. They will even send a sample pack to any new perspective outlets.
3 tier table top wooden display stand with first order
Email us for more information
  1. Free 3 tier tabletop wooden stand
  2. Orders sent out with 48 hrs
  3. Immediate account set up
  4. POS leaflet
  5. Orders taken by phone or email
  6. Free Lotion tester with dispenser


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