Lemberona –  “This is how Nature Tastes!”
organic dried fruits, nuts, legumes & spices


Lemberona are totally focused on reducing carbon emissions and protecting the planet – we always have been.  In fact, our PlantLife brand of dried fruits and nuts is one of the most sustainable and zero carbon emitting brands you can stock in your store.  ‘How can that be, as the goods are not from the UK?’, we hear you ask.  


​So let us explain.  The first point is that the UK climate does not support the growth of mature fruits in our range, such as sour cherries, white and black mulberries, goji berries, almonds, pomegranates.  


​The trees or bushes may grow here in the UK, but they will not produce a harvestable crop, without substantial carbon emitting, artificial environments.  So, the UK must import them from somewhere.  Many PlantLife products grow in the wilderness of the mountains near Samarkand in Central Asia and are harvested by hand. The air is pure and snow melt from the foothills of the Himalayas provides the necessary water for plants to survive. You would not see a chemical or pesticide within several hundred miles.  Most items grow on or around the ancient silk roads of central Asia, which are still just dirt tracks as they were when Marco Polo travelled them in the 13th century


Lemberona has an association with Fairtrade farmers or harvesters of wild produce.  They are paid a premium wage and pick the crops under Uzbek Government license when their goods are weighed in at the collection point.  


​Goods are then transferred to a factory on the outskirts of Samarkand, where they are dried using 100% solar energy.  In fact, the brand was called ‘The Pearls of Samarkand’ for over a decade.  The drying process concentrates the nutritional value of the fruits and reduces the weight by around 90%, at the same time preserving the product for many years when stored correctly.  Lemberona also planted over 300,000 trees on the slopes of the Pamir mountains, which not only absorb carbon, but prevent landslides.  At this stage, PlantLife products have only absorbed carbon, but they will emit a small amount when the goods are transferred to Austria for packing.  The packing facility also runs off solar energy.  Lemberona asked Anthesis to measure our carbon footprint and they concurred that PlantLife does in fact have a negative carbon footprint – so no net emissions. But even better news, incredible intense flavours and quality.

​So, if you sell the PlantLife brand you are providing your customers with very healthy organically certified products as well as supporting a very ethical business in every respect.

For more details,  please get in touch on info@lemberona.at
Visit our website at www.plantlife.organic
Or call us on 01832 270196

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SVVL – for Labels, Packaging & Printing

“You Think It. We Label It”

​SVVL specialises in producing and printing bespoke labels for all sectors of the food and drinks industry. With almost 30 years of experience in the label and packaging industry, we have a unique ability to produce high-quality bespoke products. 

​All our products meet our clients’ own specifications. Our in-house team will meet all individual requirements to promote your brand and business.


​In addition to the above, we offer bespoke boxes and paper bags in all sizes printed to individual requirements. This is an ideal way to promote a company and its products.

For more details,  please get in touch with sales@svvl.co.uk
Visit our website at www.svvl.co.uk
Or call us on 01245 524473

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Furniture Crates – the crating experts

article provided by Furniture Crates 
Furniture Crates are a team of crating experts who develop specialised display solutions for trade fairs. ​From wooden shelf display furniture to kit out the whole stand, to counter top furniture for just a smaller section, we pride ourselves on designing the layout so that display components can be easily removed and loaded at the fair whilst maintaining an adequate protection during transit.
As well as trade fairs, we supply to a large percentage of the hospitality industry. From counter top displays to planters and grab trolleys.
Our wooden branded crate furniture is an extension of your brand because of its aesthetically pleasing look as well as being functional.

Case Study – Cocoa Canopy

Cocoa Canopy came to us with a design brief for wooden shelf display furniture for the Speciality Fine Food Fair, the UK’s leading showcase of artisanal food and drink in London this year. Cocoa Canopy pride themselves on crafting the ultimate hot chocolate using the finest cocoa beans grown under the canopy of the tropical rainforest. Their brand interlocked perfectly with our branded wooden crate furniture. Their stand was a huge success.

Case Study – Small Batch Coffee

Small Batch Coffee have six gorgeous cafes in and around Brighton, serving not just coffee but eclectic, seasonal and regionally sourced ‘Small Batch Brunch’ as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. There really is something for everyone. They contacted us with a brief for branded planters.

Our planters are the perfect accompaniment to the Small Batch locations offering an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to their outdoor space. They provide an element of privacy to the diner as well as sectioning off the area just for the Small Batch guests. We were able to match to the specified colour and print the branding from image supplied to create these planters which are in keeping with their brand.
Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements:
Call – 01342 643071
Email – sales@furniturecrates.com
Shop online – www.furniturecrates.com

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Furniture Crates – distinctive display designs

article provided by Furniture Crates
​Furniture Crates Ltd is based in the heart of East Sussex and is at the forefront of design and manufacture of beautiful wooden display crates, creating visually appealing and functional displays for your brand or store. From small independents to major retailers, Furniture Crates Ltd can offer unique bespoke solutions as well as a wide variety of displays available on our website.
​​What we can offer;
1. Visual Appeal: Rustic Display Shelving Hits the Mark
​Countless studies have proven the value of visual aesthetics in retail displays. Visual presentation not only gives retailers the opportunity to set their products apart as being different and special in comparison with alternative or similar products but, importantly, can make consumers less sensitive to price. 
​When deciding on the visual aesthetics of your farm shop display, it pays to consider the profile of your customers and the kind of shopping experience they will respond to best. Generally speaking, farm shop customers are environmentally and ethically minded consumers. Words that might define their expectations include ‘natural’, ‘wholesome’ and ‘organic’, so a farm shop environment filled with plastic shelving and crude artificial lighting, for example, would be incongruous. 
​Rustic wooden display units, on the other hand, work extremely well in a farm shop environment. There’s nothing unnatural or pretentious about real wood and its simple style offers the perfect backdrop for showcasing wholesome produce. 
​Furniture Crates offers a range of different-sized units – from tall free-standing shelving units to angled shelf counter-top displays – to create interesting variety within your display and make sure there is a consistent theme across your entire product range. 
2. Brand-building: Use Your Display Furniture to Build Customer Loyalty 
​Farm shop display furniture doesn’t have to be boring. At Furniture Crates we think natural wood looks amazing, or as an alternative we can also colour match to Pantone and RAL references if required painting the inside and the outside of the crate. This creates an eye-catching pop of colour that not only adds to the visual appeal of the display but also makes it totally unique to you and instantly recognisable as your brand. 
​Even better, to really make your farm shop display units work hard for you, we can print your logo and graphics onto selected display panels. Every opportunity you get to promote your brand as part of your customers’ shopping experience is a valuable opportunity to build customer loyalty and trust. 
3. Functionality: Choose Farm Shop Display Furniture That’s Fit for Purpose! 
​Farm shop display furniture, must satisfy many different demands; it has to be strong, durable, easy to clean and easy to move – as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, as well as being visually attractive, wooden shelving units tick all the boxes here, too, even more so if free-standing units are fitted with lockable wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Wood is, after all, a beautiful, natural material that’s capable of withstanding a few knocks, won’t show dust and will stand the test of time. 
​We pride ourselves on building farm shop furniture from sustainable, FSC certified wood. 
4. Ease of Assembly: Avoid Expensive Shop Fitting Fees
​Farm shops need the flexibility to rearrange their retail displays to take account of seasonal variations, promotions, and new supplier relationships. So it pays to source free-standing units that either come pre-assembled or can quickly and easily be self-assembled, without the need for a complex array of tools – or an army of shop fitters. 
5. Forward Thinking: Flexibility To Grow Your Business
​It pays to choose farm shop display units that are modular in nature and can easily be re-configured or added to at a later date in order to accommodate growth and/or change. 

​Furniture Crates Display Units
​If you’re looking for farm shop display ideas why not take a look at our Furniture Crates’ range of wooden retail display units, all hand-crafted in East Sussex from sustainable wood. With a wide choice of colourways, including striking two-tone options, and pixel-perfect digital printing options, we create bespoke farm shop displays that are as unique as you are. 
All of our display units are easily assembled and, through the use of optional metal latches, can be joined in many different configurations, making it easy to re-arrange or add to your display. ​
Call – 01342 643071
Email – sales@furniturecrates.com
Shop online – www.furniturecrates.com

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SVVL – for Labels, Packaging & Printing

“You Think It. We Label It”

​SVVL specialises in producing and printing bespoke labels for all sectors of the food and drinks industry. With almost 30 years of experience in the label and packaging industry, we have a unique ability to produce high-quality bespoke products. 

​All our products meet our clients’ own specifications. Our in-house team will meet all individual requirements to promote your brand and business.


​In addition to the above, we offer bespoke boxes and paper bags in all sizes printed to individual requirements. This is an ideal way to promote a company and its products.

For more details,  please get in touch with sales@svvl.co.uk
Visit our website at www.svvl.co.uk
Or call us on 01245 524473

Advertorial – Martek Zero Waste

The UK’s leading supplier of package free retailing solutions.
Martek Zero Waste have been working to eradicate single-use plastics from the food supply chain by offering superior sustainable solutions for over 20 years, with over 1,000 installations at home and abroad.
Martek recognises the inherent climate impacts of waste and has been assisting retailers of all sizes in achieving their joint objective of dramatically reducing food waste and eliminating single-use packaging.
From small independents to major retailers, Martek can offer unique bespoke solutions. Manufacturing and stockholding is to the south of London, close to the M25.
​With nationwide delivery, often next day, our friendly team will be happy to help with all your zero package merchandising plans.
What we offer:

  • The UK’s largest package-free product offering consisting of; Gravity and scoop dispensers, oil drums, glass jars and bespoke display units.
  • An installation and delivery service for mainland UK clients.
  • A team of designers that can produce lifelike CAD drawings of the proposed install, taking the project right through to delivery and installation.
  • Bespoke personalisation of displays.
  • Over 20 years’ experience, offering unrivalled guidance. 
Our parent company is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of bespoke joinery and installs beautiful interiors for Healthcare, Cinema, Residential and Commercial markets. Martek has been established for close to 40 years and all of our fixturing units are manufactured from sustainably sourced FSC® and/or PEFC grade wood by us, at our production facility, in the UK. Read more about our sustainability credentials here
Martek is accredited with the hugely sought-after Carbon Smart Gold Award, which demonstrates the practical actions we have taken to actively reduce our environmental impact.
We have been lucky enough to work with many farm shops recently, providing aesthetic, unique displays to cater for any shop size. Able to assist from project conception, right through to full post installation guidance, you can read what some of our previous clients have to say about our service here
Why buy from Martek Zero Waste?
With the most price competitive products in the UK and two decades of knowledge, Martek has more experience of sustainable merchandising and bulk food retailing than anyone else.  Experts in managing major national rollouts and working with independent start-ups – we take on projects and customers of all sizes. Working with Martek, you can expect: 
✓ Excellent quality
✓ UK stockholding
✓ Next day delivery available
✓ Fair & reasonable delivery prices
✓ Unmatched experience and knowledge
✓ Friendly & comprehensive customer service
✓ 2-year warranty
✓ Leasing options available
✓ No minimum order quantity
✓ Parts and accessories offered
✓ Our dispensers are fully recyclable
​Contact us. Visit us. Work with us.
We welcome you to visit our showroom to demo our products, or we can speak on the phone to assist you with your plans and requirements.
Call – 01689 808 600 Email – hello@martekzerowaste.co.uk
Shop online – www.martekzerowaste.co.uk
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Advertorial – O J FRESH

Written by Nick Price

Healthy eating has become a big trend in recent years.
56% of consumers have said that they are willing to pay more for a truly healthy product. One of the most popular ways to consume fresh, nutritious snacks,
has been through juicing;
Did you know in fact, every year the demand for freshly squeezed juice increases by 5% and orange juice remains the favourite with 46% of world consumption?
In the UK, Zumex juice machines can be obtained through OJ Fresh, who have been recognized as a leading player in the UK juicing industry for over 20 years supplying juicing machines to squeeze & press almost any type of fruit or vegetable. Through OJ Fresh, Zumex presents new design possibilities for juice services – possibilities to suit each space and maximize profits. 

​The best juicers give consumers a healthy 100% fresh drink and give businesses the opportunity to multiply their profits. The needs of each business vary depending on the volume of users and the daily demand for juice, or the integration of juicing technology among other factors. 
OJ Fresh can advise on all your needs to meet your demands.

Smell the refreshing scent of sweet tangy oranges, whilst juicing.


​We have been speaking to many of our recent farm shop customers and, with the introduction of the latest Zumex Self Service juicer, sales have really taken off, without affecting the rest of their business.
Testimonials from two of our recent installations
Smiths Farm Shop in Northamptonshire says:
​ ” Just 28 days in and it has tripled sales of fresh orange. The kids love to watch”
The Lambing Shed Farm Shop and Café in Cheshire says:
“The new juice machine has been such a hit with customers, people keep coming back for more, what a fab addition.”
So impressed, they even named the orange juice machine Orla, as she is always working her juicy magic!


  • We will discuss the different juicing options with you to advise on the best solution and location for your Zumex juicer.
  • OJ Fresh will offer to do a trial with certain selected Zumex models, with the opportunity to purchase if successful.
  • Our engineers will install the juicer and give your staff full training on operation and daily cleaning.
  • Oranges – very important to use the best product – we will make sure you know what to buy.
Further information:
Please give us a call to have a chat or visit our website to get full details of our
Zumex equipment range.
Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin to get updates on what we’re doing.
email: info@ojfresh.com
01276 25220
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zero waste refill hub: a sustainable future for retail

Introducing Zero Waste Refill Hub
Zero Waste Refill Hub for creating personalised plastic free shopping
Zero Waste Refill Hub recognises the urgent climate impacts of waste and has been designed to assist retailers of all sizes to dramatically reduce food waste and help eliminate single use packaging.
At Zero Waste Refill Hubfounded by Gary Kemp, a business owner and retailer consultant with over 40 years experience, we provide you with everything you need to establish a package free bulk food department.
If space is limited, we can design a unit from just a metre in width.
Our goal is to encourage people to avoid waste and recycle. In turn this will raise
awareness of environmental waste issues and lead to essential behavioural changes.
This system can also benefit your customers as it saves them money by buying products in greater quantities.
This will in turn be a great business opportunity and deliver improved margins.
What do we Offer? 
Our services take you from start to finish,
​planning, installation, product sourcing and aftercare.
We can help you with:
  • Designing the dedicated look and feel of your department with the space available.
  • Guiding you on the best quality shelving concepts from our suppliers, including metal stand alone units and wooden themed structures. 
  • Giving you the best product range appropriate to your customers requirements. 
  • Assessing the best dispenser type (gravity or scoop bins) suitable for each product.
  • Guiding you with digital weighing scales with printed labels.
  • Providing you with instore graphics, instruction boards, ingredients and pricing labelling. 
  • Delivering a best practice guide on running a zero-waste department.
To date, we have collaborated with many major retailers including Heart of England Co-op,
Budgens and Filco.
Receiving positive comments from both the retailers and their customers.
Could you benefit from this exciting initiative to deliver sustainable shopping in
your business and for your community?

Please contact us for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements of how we may be able to
help you.
More information is available through our website and you can also follow us via our social
media pages (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to receive updates on what we do.

Food Orders-An Award-Winning ordering app provider

​By Mark Gladwin

FoodOrders have a mission to support the independent retail and hospitality markets by creating a future proof additional revenue stream.

FoodOrders is the complete ordering solution for you and your customers. FoodOrders can cater for click and collect and or select and pay on their mobile device within your venue.

Although our Apps come fully loaded and is easily one of the most robust and all-round-solution on the market, we can often tailor make and add solutions to suit your requirements.

FoodOrders.co.uk is Easy To Navigate, Order Produce & Pay Safe Solution….
​Everything has been designed with simplicity in mind for your customers & you! 

​Our team will work with you to safeguard a smooth launch with FoodOrders.co.uk, so you can continue to trade and grow sales.

1. The platform is built for your business – and we at FoodOrders are here to serve you.

2. It is easy to manage and use – we can build in most features to make your App bespoke
    to your business requirements.

3. Provides an extra revenue stream to futureproof your business.

4. Allows your team to focus on the service creating happy and repeat custom.  

5. Allows you to trade even if the doors are closed.

6. Gives you control and allows your business to flourish in all economic conditions.  

7. Provides your customers with an easy-to-use online ordering portal creating happy

Why Choose FoodOrders for your Farm Shop?
 Free up staff to focus on customers by removing order taking over the counter or phone and payment can be taken at the time of order

    You’ll a fully bespoke training package to help you manage your App and we can create different levels of Admin access so that you can delegate certain areas of the dashboard to different members of staff

    You can create Up-Sells and Cross Sells to increase sales and profit as well as use your App to advertise daily/weekly/seasonal promotions

    Cuts down on queue times in your store and customers can pay securely at the time of order. They can choose a date and time for their order to be ready as well as choose Delivery or Collection depending on what services you offer

    Our admin area is slick and simple to use, ran out of stock of a product? No problem with a couple of clicks you can temporarily take it off sale in a matter of seconds. There are visitor analytics, monitor sales trends, upload products using an Excel spreadsheet and generate offers and coupons

Click here for more information FoodOrders

Will life ever really be the same after COVID-19?

​By Darren Windsor
Image Retail Solutions Ltd
Director ​

That’s a very good question, and opinions strongly differ, but one thing we can
probably all agree on is that change is upon us right now, and things won’t be back to
normal for a long time yet.

Social distancing is already becoming the new norm and retail has had to change, even
if only for the short to medium term.
So how are businesses adapting to the new challenges they face?

​As a retail solutions provider to the small, independent sector we deal quite actively
with small rural businesses. There’s certainly a lot of uncertainty about and a lot of
questions being asked, but as always, technology offers a multitude of options. And the
recent pandemic isn’t the only reason why retailers should be looking at the way they
do business.

A lot of people we speak to don’t appreciate what opportunities there are out there for
increasing revenue and routes to market. Perhaps surprisingly (at least to us as a
technology provider), a lot of people we speak to still don’t even have a website that
they can do business through. The most cited reason why not is cost, second to that is
complexity – where do you start?

And I can understand why – when your interest is in growing or selling produce, you
won’t necessarily be an expert in ecommerce, nor have the time or patience for it. One
of the issues many people have with IT and technology is the pace with which it
moves; even having an interest in the industry it can be hard to keep up with it all!
And that’s where we come in.

​Faced with the recent lockdown we’ve been contacted by a deluge of retailers and
hospitality businesses needing help to adapt to the changing landscape, and the new
​ways we all need to do business. Not just those that can’t trade, and who are looking at
ways to re-open, but often those that can, who have seen unprecedented demand for
their goods and who just want to do things 
better – who want to cope with the influx
of delivery orders, for example. Some of these have seen their delivery orders
skyrocket but just can’t cope because they’re still taking orders by phone or facebook

This is where our new Deliverappy smartphone app comes in, as just one example of
how we’re helping the sector to adapt.

​Registering as a retailer lets you sell your goods and produce through the app with the
minimal of effort – just add your products, snap a picture and set your prices.
Customers find your store on the app, order and pay – you receive the order, pick pack
and deliver!

​And it’s not just deliveries – you can also use the app for click & collect too (or instead)
and those that operate an onsite café or eatery might be pleased to know that the app
also supports table orders.

For those wanting to dip their toe in ecommerce but without the expense, Deliverappy
is a cost effective way to do just that, with registration from only £95+VAT (compare
that to the cost of a website!) and no monthly charges. It’s simpler to operate than a
website and you do it all from your smartphone. There’s not even a need to have a PC
in the store if you don’t have one (nor broadband, so long as you have a mobile signal).
​It’s paperless too, so a truly “green” solution.

​An increasing number of consumers are now preferring to buy through smartphone
apps, and apps encourage loyalty more so than a website based shopping cart. And it’s
not just millennials – it’s a common misconception that the aging population don’t like
their tech, with almost 70% of over 75s owing a smartphone according to a 2013 ONS
survey (we expect the figure to be even higher than this now). For those wanting a
bespoke experience for their patrons, Deliverappy is also available as a “white
labelled” product – and this is something that is exciting the community more than
the Deliverappy app itself. With our white label solution your business can have its
very own app in the app store, under your own name and branding, exclusively for
And the way we’ve done this makes it extremely cost effective for small businesses. 
Deliverappy is all about supporting and promoting local businesses who work so hard to serve their local communities, and as a platform we want to do what we can to help
support this sector that is so often-times forgotten. Certainly as a platform we’ve got
big plans to work with rural associations and charities to help the sector adapt to what is now a changing world.