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Inspired by their surroundings of the North Cornish coast, its sunnier climes and its lush
green grass pastures ensures Davidstow’s high-quality Cheddar cheese is naturally rich in
With a loyal team of expert cheesemakers, Davidstow Cheddar have been meticulously
crafting their cheddar for over 70 years, n
ever rushing the process as ‘Taste Takes Time’. 
Davidstow allow their cheese to slowly mature and develop into the rich & flavoursome,
award-winning cheddar they’re rightly famous for.

This company not only cares about their customers taste experience but also their local
rural & farming communities, through its partnership with the Prince’s Countryside Fund

We received Davidstow’s new range of six exciting cheeses to review, specifically for farm shops, with maturities ranging from 12 to 60 months…
We started with Davidstow’s 12 Month Classic with it delighting our senses with a full
flavoured, creamy cheddar. This we felt would be our ‘go to’ cheddar, perfect for your
everyday bubbling cheese on toast topper or in a simple sandwich. 

The team were genuinely surprised at how, even by moving onto Davidstow’s 24 Month 
, the noticeable difference in this mature Cheddar. 
This firm textured cheese is strong and tangy in taste and will definitely add some va va
voom to your Ploughman’s. 

By this time, we were all pretty keen to sample Davidstow’s 36 Month Reserve Cheddar!
Now THIS packs a punch and really gets our taste buds going.
This is a mighty strong, robust cheese and with its punchy, full flavour and deliciously
crunchy texture, you really don’t need to be a genius to figure out why this has won multi

Moving onto Davidstow’s good looking and high-end, wax-enrobed ingot range.
We began with Davidstow’s 20 Month Crackler.
Made with exacting care, using 100% Cornish milk, this extra mature ingot, delivers a
smooth flavour with a fabulous texture. We found this a perfect all-rounder and with its
slight crunch, this cheese would perform well at any cheese night!
The 40 Month Reserve waxed ingot is simply divine and hit us with its distinctively rich
flavour, intense creaminess and superb crunchy texture.
Unsurprisingly, yet another multi award-winner!

Which then lead us on to Davidstow’s 60 Month Special Vintage Reserve
And wow! 
Where are the awards for this one we asked ourselves?
The gritty texture of this special, SPECIAL cheese is nothing but excellent and its intense
flavour offered us a long-lasting after-taste and left us wanting more… much more.
Yes, we nibbled through this entire block in one sitting!

Every one of Davidstow’s cheeses are beautifully matured and well presented and our
review was not only a wonderful experience AND an education but a privilege too and we whole heartily recommend Davidstow’s scrumptious range of Cheddars for any cheese

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