Product Review – Fowey Valley Cider

25/03/2018 | 0 comments


​​On my travels, I found THIS…

​Clever old Barrie Gibson began making cider 15 years ago purely for himself, his family and friends. Of course, word quickly spread about his delicious homemade tipple & he was suddenly inundated with apples, requests and potential paying customers all wanting more of his hand crafted, liquid gold.
​THAT, as they say, is history! 
​Today Fowey Valley Cider is produced in a small cidery in Cornwall, using traditional expertise & fresh apples from their very own orchard & nothing else…sounds idyllic doesn’t it, any jobs going Barrie?
​The current range includes Sparkling Vintage Brut Cider, Castledore Cider, Vodka, Gin, an apple digestif, a delicious Pommeau, cider chutney & even cider vinegar (to complement this Fowey Valley also imports & bottles Sicilian Extra Virgin olive oil)

​Being somewhat of a cider connoisseur myself, I believe I have a most excellent understanding on what is a good cider, or rather… a PROPER cider. This Castledore Cider sure has my feathers ruffled & I totally get why & how this scrumptious, light & refreshing, medium dry crafted cider (with just the perfect amount of fizz) has been awarded a ‘Taste of the West’ GOLD award..


You all know the benefits of apple cider vinegar don’t you?
No? Well you should do…the antibacterial properties found in Fowey Valleys ‘top notch’ cider vinegar (made from their vintage cider btw) can be used to help with weight loss, can lower cholesterol, whiten teeth, keep acne under control,  can boost energy levels, relieve cramps & indigestion…you can even cook with it apparently!
​Fowey Valleys apple cider vinegar is unfiltered, unpasturised    and has no preservatives added, so you’re looking at the real                                                           McCoy here!

​You don’t have to go all the way to beautiful Cornwall (tho, it is a mighty good excuse) to get your supplies from Fowey Valley.  You can find Fowey Valleys products STOCKED in numerous farm shops, country stores and restaurants (told you they were good) you can also buy via their super-duper, user friendly online shop.


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