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27/06/2018 | 0 comments

           On my travels, I came across this…
Got my feathers all in a flap with excitement today when I stumbled across this risotto range from the award winning Fruity Foods

Gary from fruity foods, is a professionally trained chef & has created some amazing recipes, not ONLY easy to cook risotto’s, but jamschutneys, marmalade’s and other wonderfully tasty, edible delights. 

​I decided to sample the Pumpkin & Courgette Risotto and wow! 
All that I was required to do was to tip the contents into a saucepan, add 600 ml of water, simmer for 20 mins, stir occasionally and hey presto!  Even I can do that and being a somewhat lazy cook & to save on the washing up, I measured the 600ml of water using the tub itself (twice)
As these tubs are made for two, there’s enough to share (if your inclined to, that is) & I served mine with a tasty fillet of salmon. TBH, I could happily eat this on its own, with grated Parmesan & butter or with grilled chicken or pork steaks.  The blend of pumpkin & courgette with roasted onions & Rosemary was pretty darn delicious & I felt I was eating healthily even though I’d put in practically no effort whatsoever!
​This creative food company have come up with a healthy, quick and easy meal with the added bonus of being very tasty, seriously, whats not to love?

There’s more in this fabulous range including, Tomato, Basil & Roasted Garlic & Garden Vegetable & you can even buy online.

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