Product review – Keepr’s Infused Spirits

7/03/2019 | 0 comments

​This week, I came across this fabulous company and I reckon this is going to beee an easy review!
Let’s put it this way…no one had to physically twist my arm to sample Keepr’s Gin.

Having launched in 2013 in the heart of the Cotswolds, The British Honey Company actively supports beekeepers & the British honey bee, ensuring their future in our environment and with each one of their hives working endlessly to pollinate British meadows & hedgerows, you can guarantee scrumptious and, more importantly, traceable, 100% raw honey.
​Now, with not only the most incredible range of honeys and jams under their belt, The British Honey Company presents ‘Keepr’s, an imaginative & exciting range of handcrafted honey and honey infused spirits!
Taking inspiration  from the British countryside, your taste buds will certainly come to life with Keepr’s Rum. Gin’s & Vodka’s.
I sampled (quite a decent amount of) Keepr’s fragrant & rather unique ​Strawberry & Lavender Gin
If you’re a gin lover, like myself, I’m sure you’ll find this elegant, fresh n’ fruity flavour spectacularly lip-smacking, particularly on the rocks (try saying THAT after 3 samples!)
Keepr’s ​adventurous range includes Honey Gin, Strawberry & Lavender Gin, English Raspberry & Honey Gin, British Honey & Salted Caramel Vodka, Elderflower Vodka, Apple & Honey Vodka, Cotswold Honey Spiced Rum, Christmas Spiced Cotswold Honey & English Vodka and After Dinner Mint & English Vodka.
Sounds tempting right?
Even better,  you can buy direct HERE.
You could even treat a special someone with a Keepr’s Gin & Jam Gift Set.

As well as being absolutely delicious, by drinking it, I’m supporting our vital and incredibly busy bees and I really love that each bottle is traceable to its hive. ​​
Yep…it’s definitely a win, win, win, win from me!

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