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29/03/2021 | 0 comments

McLaren’s Kitchen is a company with family at the heart.
With the encouragement of her farmer husband and budding entrepreneurs (2 young
daughters) founder, Tory McLarens’ dream of launching her own business has recently
become a reality.
With the focus on delicious treats and foods that have a healthier twist and with their ethos
being all about cooking from scratch, using good quality ingredients, McLaren’s Kitchen
was born.

McLaren’s Kitchen has certainly worked tirelessly on creating ways for us to enjoy our food
whilst encouraging good gut health. This is achieved by McLaren’s creative ways of
implementing alternative flours. Today, McLaren’s grow their own Spelt Wheat which is
processed locally and gives a wonderfully natural and nutty taste to their range of cakes.

The team received McLaren’s NEW bake at home, Chocolate Brownie mix in a rather
smart, glass Kilner jar and immediately thought, what a great way to store your homemade
cookies, once made – if they make it that far! 
Eggs and butter are all you need to add as everything else you require to bake gorgeous
gooey chocolate brownies are already measured, weighed and packed neatly in this jar and
that includes Wheat Spelt Flour and a generous amount of Dark Belgian Chocolate chunks! 

If you’re unaware, Spelt Flour is a fabulous and healthy alternative. Ground from an easily
digestible ancient grain, it’s high in fibre and gives you a lighter texture in baked goods. 

And that makes these healthy chocolate brownies… right? 

With just having Mother’s Day, the team thought that this easy-peasy bake at home kit,
would make a lovely baking project for mothers to do with their children. The little people
can follow the simple and straight forward instructions without much measuring (as long
as they don’t eat all the mix before you bake it) 
and there’s very little mess to have to
deal with afterwards. Big bonus!

It’s safe to say after baking McLaren’s Gorgeous Gooey Chocolate Brownie mix, the team
were MORE than keen to sample our creation.
The mouth-watering chocolate smell filled our kitchen and it was clearly very difficult for
some of our team members to restrain themselves.
Suffice to say, upon our first bite, WOW!!
These incredibly delicious brownies offer quite a delectable and moreish mix of a firm
crisp texture paired with the gorgeous gooey chocolate chunks within. So good, that the
cute Kilner jar will not be required for storage. 

What a brilliant gift for any chocolate lover to enjoy and if by chance they can refrain from
devouring them all at once, they can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.

This is a company with a heart and with family at its core. The team are excited to see
what McLaren’s continue to create!

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