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24/01/2019 | 0 comments

​We all strive for a healthy balanced diet right?
Well… the ‘Oat-So-Good‘ Company are a traditional, family owned company based in Swansea with MASSES of years of experience within the baking industry and their top quality, hand baked cereals are all designed with health in mind!

Not only is this award-winning granola cereal LOW in sugar but it’s HIGH in fibre and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans! It can also aid in increasing energy levels and muscle fuel, helping keep hunger and snacking at bay.

Let’s be honest, it’s never too early to get your summer body into shape and what a great way to start your day with this toasted and ready to eat tasty 

Choose ‘The Original Granola‘ and experience a delicious combination of jumbo rolled oats, mixed chopped nuts and healthy seeds including walnuts, peanuts & almonds.

Or the ‘Sultana & Raisin Granola‘ is a tasty and classic combination with succulent sultanas and juicy raisins. 

​And ‘Cranberry & Apricot Granola‘ is a seriously lively and zingy combination of delicious cranberries and apricots.

But this hi-fibre granola isn’t JUST for breakfast, oh no!
Why not add fibre to your summer pudding by topping it with a sprinkling of Oat-So-Good granola or even use it as a healthy added ingredient to your baking day?
Find all the inspiration you need on ‘Oat-so-Good’s recipe page.
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