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Located in Lancashire, Thornleys Natural Foods is family run business and produce terrifically tasty, gluten AND wheat-free, recipe mixes. 
Not only that, 
​each product in Thornleys range has been approved by the Coeliac Association and are lovingly handcrafted using only 100% ​and carefully sourced,
natural ingredients that are free from additives, colourings, MSG and preservatives!

Sounds good, right?
Every sauce and mix is suitable for vegetarians and Slimming World approved…

The light and deliciously creamy Parsley Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a fish dish, whilst the rich Spaghetti Carbonara recipe mix, laces your spaghetti with a
scrumptious garlic coating.

Thornleys Creamy Chicken & Herb sauce mix is rich and creamy with a delicate hint of herbs & garlic and the well balanced Chilli Con Carne mix will add a little kick to your dish.

​Thornleys sauces give you the ability to cook the tastiest of meals in the most convenient way possible and it’s good to remember, that all these well thought out mixes are 100% natural, so if you follow a gluten & wheat free diet or you’ve chosen to simply say NO to the usual and excessive chemicals, additives & preservatives found in your foods, then the Thornleys range is definitely for YOU!

If, like most of us these days, your time is precious….cheat!

s it’s a firm favourite in my house, I’ve sampled Thornley’s Tuna Pasta Bake recipe.
You simply add milk to create this incredibly tasty sauce which contains a carefully selected blend of herbs and spices. 
This really 
is packed full of natural flavours & the subtle taste of the herbs brings out the flavour of the tuna. I added a sprinkling of cheese to my creation but you could add any crunchy or crispy topping…scrumptious!

​​This quick & ridiculously easy mix will provide your whole family with a hearty,
healthy and homemade meal, in a jiffy.

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