Product Review – Utta Nutta Peanut Butter

29/01/2018 | 0 comments


On my travels, I came across…
Utta Nutta…The Nuttiest Peanut Butter Around!.

Now this isn’t any old supermarket, mass produced peanut butter, OH NO! 
​This gorgeous, scrummy jar of loveliness is handmade using, yep, you’ve guessed it, BUT there’s no additives, no added sugar not even that nasty palm oil!
​Found it incredibly difficult to choose from smooth & Cashew nut butter so I plumped for the ”Extra Crunchy” and BOY they ain’t kidding, what a crunch! 
Yes, I’m a PB addict but this is a meal in itself! 
​It’s a wholesome, earthy, filling, crunchy munch, packed full of protein & healthy fats AND WHOLE nuts!
​How can Utta Nutta peanut butter deliver a flavour like no other?
Wellll…Utta Nutta’s freshly roasted peanuts are milled whilst they’re still toasty warm & the word is, that this process retains the natural sweet nutty flavour without the need for added sugar…all that is added is a pinch of Himalayan salt!
​You might think the only way to eat peanut butter is on a slice of toast?… (that’s so last year, seriously) Utta Nutta have loads of amazing recipe ideas.
Personally, I like to eat mine straight out the jar.


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