fabulous farm shops press release                  december 2020

14/12/2020 | 0 comments

.Fabulous Farm Shops, the one stop farm shop directory lists every farm shop in England
and on entering lockdown, the team at Fabulous Farm Shops were acutely aware of the
impact and the damage Coronavirus would have on, not only the small independent farm
shops, but the farming community and their families.

Wanting to do their bit the team actively encouraged farm shops to add live links to their
listing on their directory. This upgrade allowed farm shop owners to add extra information
about their farm shop for a year and 100% of this upgrade was donated to RABI.

R.A.B.I.–The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution is farming’s oldest and largest charity
and have served the farming community since 1860, offering financial support, practical
care and guidance to farmers, farmworkers and their dependants.

Claire Mortimer, a partner of Fabulous Farm Shops, said: ‘We had to move quickly, of
course we wanted to help farm shops, but we really needed to give something back and to
support our farmers, Covid hit R.A.B.I hard and they needed our support more than ever’

RABI Communications Manager Rob Harris quotes:
“We greatly appreciate the efforts of Fabulous Farm Shops and the farm shops who
supported us. Over many months they’ve taken the time and trouble to raise awareness of
our work, as well as donating a significant sum of money. We’re extremely grateful to Claire
and her team for all they’ve done on our behalf.”

To date, the total amount raised is £665.00


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