Featured Farm Shop – Flitvale

3/01/2020 | 0 comments

​Situated near Flitwick, Flitvale Farm Shop is an independent, family run farm shop.
Located on site along with Flitvale Garden Centre, this fabulous farm shop offers an amazing selection of fresh produce sourced from local independent suppliers.
​The licensed cafe offers an extensive menu including delicious lunches, homemade cakes & freshly prepared breakfasts.    
Flitvale not only have a florist, a pet store (including food & accessories, even for the hedgehog!) fencing, indoor & outdoor plants and fresh farm produce they even offer a loyalty card where you can earn yourself points and/or promotions.  
​Great stuff…definitely a Fabulous Farm Shop.

​To locate Flitvale Farm Shop & all other Bedfordshire farm shops, click HERE

 Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
 Sun- 10am-4pm


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