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Flint and Oak

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​Located at the gateway to the “garden of England”, it might not be surprising to learn that the farm shop known as Flint & Oak has access to a plethora of locally sourced fruit and vegetables which they select from the market each morning. However, not everyone would know that they personally taste all of their products and, if they don’t taste great, they simply don’t stock them!
​They want their customers to know that they can personally vouch for what’s on their shelves and the knowledge, expertise and passion of all who work there probably contributed greatly to Flint & Oak being awarded “Kent Local Food Retailer of the Year 2020”.
feedback from a very happy customer
​Respecting the seasons is high on their list of priorities so there is always a changing array of produce in the shop and because it is locally sourced, you won’t see plastic wrapping swaddling the vegetables.
​It all started with bunches of asparagus sold from a small market stall at the edge of the current site but, as local demand grew, Flint & Oak evolved into the shop and deli that it is today, housed in the old milking parlour on the Squerryes Estate.
​There is even a small café with its own garden overlooking the vineyard which – an idyllic place to sit on a sunny day.
​The list of goodies to tempt you in the farm shop is long and luscious.
​Freshly baked bread and pastries, including a note-worthy marmite sausage roll which is handcrafted using free-range pork and puff pastry.
​The cheese counter is stuffed to bursting with over 50 English cheeses made from ewe, goat or cow’s milk, some of them oozing deliciously across the platter, and as members of the “Academy of Cheese” the knowledgeable staff know what they’re talking about.
​Add to that the Kent craft beers (made right next door to the shop, continuing Westerham’s 400-year-old brewing heritage), dessert wines and port, an array of pickles and chutneys, jams and marmalades, oils and preserves and you will find it hard not to be impressed.
There’s even been a late addition of a coffee machine, in the shop itself, if the bean is your Holy Grail!
Open 7 Days a Week.
10am – 5pm: Monday to Saturday
10am – 4pm: Sunday

Café open Friday to Sunday 8.30 – 4pm

Flint and Oak
The Old Milking Parlour
Beggars Lane
TN16 1QP
01959 562345


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