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​The Kingfisher Farm Shop is famous for its home grown watercress.  This family business has been growing this uniquely English product at Abinger Hammer since 1854.  It is grown in natural spring water, which provides all the necessary nutrients without the aid of fertilisers or insecticides.
​The farm shop has become an important part of the business since the family started selling fruit and vegetables in 1971 & the watercress shed at Abinger Hammer became the present shop in 1999.  The shop provides high quality food, sourcing as much regional and local food that’s available.
​You’ll find an abundance of fresh fruit & vegetables as you enter the farm shop. There’s locally produced cakes, breads & pies along with jams and chutneys.  There’s fresh, local meat on offer and a great selection of local cider, English wines & beers. Kingfisher even offer local delivery too!
​Kingfisher Flower Shop, opened in 2003 as an accompaniment to the farm shop business.  Here you will find a wide range of fresh cut flowers, with an emphasis on seasonal British grown blooms. The flower shop caters for all occasions and styles including weddings, events, private parties and even funerals.
​To locate Kingfisher Farm Shop & all other Surrey farm shops, click HERE

Farm Shop Opening Times:
Mon-Sat: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sun: 10.00am-4.00pm


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