Featured Farm Shop – Shropshire

2/04/2021 | 0 comments

Quatt Farm Shop, Deli and Café, home of traditional local & healthy produce at realistic prices, do their best to ensure as much of their produce is locally sourced & offer a superb range of fresh meats and organic & gluten-free products.
​There’s something for everyone here and within the farm shop you can find quality farm foods as well as wines, beers & green products.  There’s organic and fresh milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, local free-range eggs, pastas, pickles, preserves, jams & pulses
​The deli counter stocks a great range of produce…coleslaw’s, pesto, cold meats, pies, olives, cheeses, cakes, pasties and pastries. ​The range of fresh meats from the quality butchers include matured beef, chicken, lamb & pork along with home made sausages, bacon, local game, mince and traditional cuts.
Quatt Farm Shop Café offers great value, freshly prepared food including all day breakfasts, lasagna (with veggie options too!) There’s also a great range of sandwiches, pies & flans and all meals are freshly hand made.
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm
Sat          9am – 5pm
Sun        10am – 4pm
Quatt Farm Shop
WV15 6QW
01746 780771


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