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Knab Farm Shop

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This wonderful little farm shop describes itself as a “local community store” and it really feels like the desire to champion the best that Sheffield has to offer is at the heart of everything Knab Farm Shop offers. They are truly “vocal about local“!

​Bread comes from the local bakers, incredible ready meals from local Italian and Indian chefs, Sheffield craft ales and brew and flowers from a local florist, Rosy – the list is long and glorious and the food is mouth-wateringly tempting.

​Free-range eggs are displayed in all their fabulous different shades and there are cabinets of pies, meat, cheese and dairy and shelves filled with store cupboard essentials. 

​There is also a refill section helping customers to reduce waste and use less plastic, as well as the wooden crates filled with locally sourced fruit and vegetables encouraging you to ditch the polythene wrapping and pop the goodies straight into your basket.

​The shop oozes wholesome goodness and I rather wish I lived nearer to Sheffield, particularly when I browse their ready meal offerings.  

​During lockdown, local chef Marco from Milano had to close his restaurant and rethink his operation. He teamed up with Knab Farm Shop to bring freshly cooked Italian dishes to the “ready meal” market and the partnership is a great success.  The menu is inspired. 

Alongside Marco’s meals are arancini from Heart of Sicily (Italian rice balls that are stuffed, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried, a staple of Sicilian cuisine and one of my favourite things to put on my plate!)

 and curries, bhajis and samosas from The Bhaji Shop – all jostling for my attention. That’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday sorted! 

Opening times:
Mon-Sat 8am – 6pm
Deliveries available

Knab Farm Shop
78 Montrose Rd
S7 2EF
0114 250 7144


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