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The Honey Tree


The Honey Tree is an independent social enterprise which began trading in Newcastle in
1999 with a vision… to put local, organic foods on the map!Today, The Honey Tree continue their dedicated work to offer sustainable, healthy andorganic foods to their community and the store is brimming with great tasting, fresh &
locally sourced, healthy foods, with even Rick Stein naming The Honey Tree as a ‘Local
Food Hero’
​How’s that for a claim to fame?

The Honey Tree offer everything you might need for your weekly shop (and more) from
store cupboard essentials, to ready-meals… but with a difference! Every product The Honey Tree stock is either locally sourced or ethically produced.

For example, the vibrant array of organic fruit and vegetables come direct from local farms
and trusted suppliers (much is picked to ​order!)
You’ll find a good range of local and organically reared meats along with dairy produce,
condiments, scrumptious local honeycomb and wholefoods.

Vegans are sure to be impressed by the spectacular range of plant based foods on offer,
and with a delicious selection of freshly baked breads available and even a takeaway
menu… really, why go anywhere else?

Fabulous Regional Cheeses 


Locally sourced, raw and organic, mature organic goat’s & sheep’s cheese as well as a
full range of whole raw cheeses can be found on the deli counter!

Refill Reuse Recycle 


The Honey Tree’s refill service is second to none and you can fill up on a huge range of
loose commodities such as porridge oats, lentils, muesli, almonds and sultanas.
But that’s not all. 
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, washing up liquid, hand soap, laundry liquid and even  fabric conditioner are all available at the refill station.
There’s really no excuse not to get involved with the zero waste movement and help
reduce packaging and unnecessary waste.


The Honey Tree now offer a veg box delivery & collection service. This great value box of
goodness is packed with freshly picked, locally supplied, healthy organic produce.

Closed  Sundays & Mondays 
Tuesday – Friday : 11am-6pm
Saturday 10.30am – 5pm

The Honey Tree
68 Heaton Road
Heaton, Newcastle
0191 2402589


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