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24/11/2020 | 0 comments

Wave goodbye to clingfilm!
Yorkshire based Bumble Wrap have created the most beautiful, plastic-free food covering
by using 100% cotton, beeswax, tree resin and a drop of jojoba oil.

These completely natural, washable, re-useable AND compostable ​wax wraps eliminate
the need for single use cling film and tin foil and will keep your food fresher for longer
meaning less FOOD WASTE!

Ditch the plastic
Being 100% biodegradable and with zero contaminants or toxins, eco-friendly Bumble
Wraps are the natural alternative to single-use plastic and by swapping your plastic wrap
for Bumble Wraps is one small (but amazing) step towards living a more sustainable
Wrap. Wash. Reuse.
The jojoba oil gives Bumble Wrap greater flexibility and even has antifungal properties,
whilst the rosin adds the ‘stick’ we are familiar with from cling film. 
But the biggest buzz about Bumble Wrap beeswax food wraps is they’re reusable, simply

wash in cool soapy water and air dry ready for next time. 

Bumble wrap Beeswax food wraps can be used to wrap or cover most foods, so a few
simple folds and a pinch at the corners will keep your sandwiches fresh. 
Use the warmth of your hands to seal as you fold over leftovers from last nights dinner…

From pretty ditsy florals and bold stripes to traditional Christmas themes.
Bumble Wraps are available in a fabulous range of patterns and sizes. 
There’s so many different ways to use your Bumble Wraps.
Whatever your needs, Bumble Wrap has it well and truly covered!



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