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Corrymoor Farm is the home of Corrymoor Mohair socks. We have been breeding Angora goats and producing socks from mohair since 1992.
​Since 1986 we have lived and farmed 128 acres in the beautiful Blackdown Hills AONB. As well as the lovely Angora goats which produce the mohair for Corrymoor Socks, we run a herd of beef cattle. The farm has been fully organic (Soil Association accredited) since 1990.
Known as the “diamond fibre”, mohair is renowned for its strength and durability, lustrous silky smooth fibres and unique wicking properties – the perfect natural material for socks.
The fibres of mohair are 3 times more resistant to abrasion than are the fibres of sheep’s wool and so socks made with mohair last longer and are much more difficult to wear out.
Mohair fibres are smooth and so don’t trap bacteria which cause smells and bad foot
health: no bacteria = no smell.

Corrymoor’s 150 goats are shorn twice a year and produce stunning silky mohair fleeces of between 2kg and 5kg at each shearing. The goats do their best to grow as much mohair as possible but as we sell around 20,000 socks a year, we do have to purchase mohair from other sources as well. The mohair used in the Corrymoor “Devon Stripes” range of socks is shorn entirely from our own flock.
​All our socks are knitted for us on traditional 
machinery in Leicestershire.

Corrymoor Socks enjoy a worldwide reputation for comfort and durability. We offer a
colourful, luxurious and hardwearing range of socks for men, women and children.

Whatever the activity, whatever the weather, the hardwearing and ‘no sweat, no smell’
properties of mohair are a massive selling point. From bedsocks to elastic-free socks; from trainer socks to long socks; from hard-wearing cushioned socks to lightweight everyday socks, we have socks for every walk of life.
Corrymoor has a huge loyal following and many of the farm shops we supply find that
people come back again and again for socks. Although Corrymoors are available from our website, for many people seeing and feeling what you buy is all important.

All trade customers are listed on our website with a direct website link.

Corrymoor Mohair Socks
Corrymoor Farm  

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