Featured Producer – Davidstow Cheddar

1/03/2021 | 0 comments

The Davidstow creamery is a truly unique place.
Situated on the rugged North Cornwall coast
between Padstow and Bude, it is surrounded by lush
green pastures that are second to none.
The temperate climate creates perfect grazing
conditions and gives us access to milk of the very
highest quality.
For nearly 70 years, it has allowed us to craft
cheddar of exceptional quality and character,
enjoyed by people across the country. Our
philosophy is simple- We believe that even with a 
raw ingredient as great as ours, TIME is the best way
to achieve true depth of flavour.
​Most of the farmers who work with us are family-owned businesses, all operating to our
exacting Davidstow Farm Standards (which we apply in addition to the Red Tractor
Assurance Scheme). Our recipes are unique thanks to the bespoke cultures and processes
we’ve developed and refined over the years.

The multi-award winning cheese is made by a team of expert cheese makers and graders,
many of whom have been with us for most of their working lives, amassing a wealth of skill
& knowledge over the years.

We offer a range of cheddar maturities, from 12 to 60 months, each following our unique
Davidstow recipe.

We have developed a new range of six products, specifically for Farm Shops. Differentiated in size, format and age profile to that offered in the supermarkets, they offer Farm Shops a recognisable premium brand in a bespoke offering.

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