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​Curling around the beautiful logo on every Rosemullion bottle are the evocative words ‘protectors and perfecters of the distillers’ craft’. 
​Here is a Cornish producer who lives by his art, one of a small number of distilleries in the area who create their base spirit from scratch, using bespoke, hand-built copper stills. Each bottle of Cornish gin or rum is truly artisan, made with a passionate focus on flavour, quality, and authenticity.
​Since its birth in 2018, Rosemullion Distillery has been busy collecting awards and the list of accolades is both impressive and extensive:
2021 SIP California (11 medals)
2021 Spirits Business Rum & Cachaca (3 medals)
2020 Great British Food Awards (3 medals)
2020 World Rum (3 medals)
2020 SIP California (6 medals)
2020 San Francisco (6 medals)
Whether it’s the addition of Cornish rainwater to the fermentation and distillation processes, the inclusion of local seasonal fruit or the sprinkle of Cornish sunshine, these beautiful bottles filled with spirit are spreading joy around the world.
Reading through the reviews from the judges at these events, it’s hard not to want to wrap your hands around a glass of rum or bury your nose into a tumbler full of gin. Put your feet up, pop another log on the fire, refill your glass and enjoy these excerpts below;

Gold Rum 

​​”The nose starts off with tropical pineapple, mango and slightly overripe generic tropical fruit. There is light floral notes and a lovely citrus lemon and lime aroma note. The rum also introduces some very light funky higher ester aromas and grapefruit. The rum is very pleasant on the palate with a warm and round mouthfeel. You get pineapple, mango and lime with a touch of grapefruit and citrus notes. There is a little bit of volatile alcohol, but it is quite pleasant, and it gives the rum some spice and heat. “

Seafarer’s Gin

​”A beautiful and appetising combination between savoury and saline notes and sweet candied citrus supported by vegetal, green notes and spices. Great balance between sweeter fruity notes, warm alcohol and cooling, dry Juniper. The alcohol is beautifully integrated and it is a fantastically balanced and unique expression with plenty to offer. It has a long, complex maritime finish”

​Spiced Rum

​”​A delicious spiced nose with a huge amount going on; clove, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg the list goes on. The palate is warm and supple, just the right amount of sweetness and it’s really comforting. Those spices translate amazingly from the nose to the palate and balance out really nicely with the other components. A lovely rum that I’d happily drink anywhere. ”

Summer Gin

Ripe fruits and crispy vegetables on the nose supported by bold juniper and reminiscent of cacao beans. It is cool and refreshing on the palate with delicate fruity notes, maybe table grapes and citrus. Subtle , soft and refreshing on the finish, just lovely for the hot summer months
Although our language isn’t as lyrical as these judges, we at Fabulous Farm Shops were lucky enough to conduct our own review of some of these tipples back in 2020. You can read our thoughts here… Watch this space for further reviews as we have just received another box of Rosemullion’s latest goodies. Alternatively, get in touch with Rosemullion Distillery and see what you could stock on your own shelves!


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