Featured Producer – The Wheat Bag Company

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The Wheat Bag Company has been established for ten years and prides itself on being a well-known quality brand, designing and manufacturing well-being and home style products made in the UK from quality fabrics by a team of talented, trained people who are passionate about quality. We use independent artists to design our fabrics which are exclusive to us and our products which make us stand out.

Microwavable wheat bags are our hero products that we first started manufacturing ten years ago. They are filled with English organic wheat and lavender buds and when heated in a microwave, for two minutes, they provide soothing, relaxing comfort to snuggle up with and keep warm and help to soothe aches and pains.

Over the years, we have increased our product range to include hot water bottleseye pillowsdoor stopsdraught excluders and pet bed toppers to name but a few.

Our core customer base is made up of garden centre chains and independents, farm shops, gift shops and department stores and the business is growing year on year. 

If you would like to stock any of The Wheat Bag Company products in your farm shop then please get in touch:
​Web: thewheatbagcompany.co.uk
Email: sales@thewheatbagcompany.co.uk
Tel: 01747 840500

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