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Woodlets Briquettes are the new hot thing
​for your wood burning stove – so cut out the logs!

Woodlets Briquettes are good for your fireplace, your stove, your pocket – and the environment. They burn hotter, cleaner, are cheaper to buy and are much easier to store and handle than logs. In the UK today, change is underway as customers wake up to the benefits of briquettes. Once you have tried Woodlets Briquettes, you will never go back to burning logs. In short, you get more heat for your money.


Woodlets Briquettes produce more heat than logs and burn for longer. With moisture levels of less than 10% it makes complete sense to use them for wood burning stoves – they burn better and won’t cause chimney and flue problems. And they deliver around 50% more heat for each pound spent than logs.

With better burning properties than a traditional log, just one Woodlet Briquette will burn longer and at a much higher temperature. One briquette can last up to four hours.

Woodlets Briquettes for wood burning stoves is the obvious choice.



  • Woodlets Briquettes leave about 1% of their volume as ash – so no more emptying the stove every time you have a fire!
  • You can split Woodlets Briquettes by hand for smaller stoves
  • Woodlets Briquettes are accredited with Woodsure’s Ready to Burn logo and have a moisture content of well below 10%.
  • Much cleaner burning so you don’t get the tar problems associated with unseasoned firewood.
  • Woodlets Briquettes will expand if they get wet – so store them in a dry place.
  • Woodlets Briquettes burn at a very high temperature. Be careful not to exceed your stove’s heat capacity

How are Woodlets Briquettes made?

Woodlets Briquettes are made by applying 10,000psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure to woodchips. They are entirely natural – the lignin molecules in the wood melt under the pressure and bind the wood chip together to make the finished briquette.

Woodlets Briquettes are produced in Scotland from wood sourced within 60-miles of the factory where they are made. Even then, only wood that is left behind (the ‘lop and top’ if you like) is used to make the briquettes after the sawmills and timber merchants have taken away the best parts of the tree.

Remember, like wheat, barley and oats, these wood plantations are a crop – but on a 20-year rotation, not an annual one. These trees were only ever planted to be used in the timber industry – once they are harvested they are replanted.


Are they good for the environment?

There is currently a great deal of publicity regarding wood burners and wood burning stoves which begs the question are wood burning stoves good or bad for the environment?

A wood burning stove is regarded as a sustainable heating method – it uses renewable energy rather than fossil fuel. But how good they are for the environment depends on how old your stove is and what you put in them.

Wood is a renewable energy source, not a fossil fuel. Wood is plentiful and an excellent environmental choice, especially if it comes from sustainably resourced FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council) managed UK forests.

Woodlets Briquettes have the stamp of approval from the UNESCO Biosphere in Galloway and Southern Ayrshire – the only globally recognised badge for sustainability and all of the forests where the wood is sourced are FSC® approved.


What about emissions?

Wood burning stoves produce fewer emissions if you use Woodlets Briquettes.

All forms of combustion produce emissions and the use of a wood burning stove is no exception. However, a correctly used and maintained, modern wood burning stove is a very low emission option – and especially if you use Woodlets Briquettes.

​In May 2021, new legislation meant that ‘wet’ wood with a higher than 20% moisture content and pre-packaged house coal should not be sold or bought in England. Instead, homeowners have to buy wood that has a certificate stating that it contains less than 20% moisture and labelled with the Ready to Burn wood logo.

Woodlet Briquettes have the badge of approval from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and carry the Ready to Burn logo.

There’s no denying that you can’t beat the warm and cosy ambience that a wood burning stove offers and they offer a cost-effective heating option – but make sure you know what you’re putting inside it!


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