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Furniture Crates are a team of crating experts who develop specialised display solutions for trade fairs. ​From wooden shelf display furniture to kit out the whole stand, to counter top furniture for just a smaller section, we pride ourselves on designing the layout so that display components can be easily removed and loaded at the fair whilst maintaining an adequate protection during transit.
As well as trade fairs, we supply to a large percentage of the hospitality industry. From counter top displays to planters and grab trolleys.
Our wooden branded crate furniture is an extension of your brand because of its aesthetically pleasing look as well as being functional.

Case Study – Cocoa Canopy

Cocoa Canopy came to us with a design brief for wooden shelf display furniture for the Speciality Fine Food Fair, the UK’s leading showcase of artisanal food and drink in London this year. Cocoa Canopy pride themselves on crafting the ultimate hot chocolate using the finest cocoa beans grown under the canopy of the tropical rainforest. Their brand interlocked perfectly with our branded wooden crate furniture. Their stand was a huge success.

Case Study – Small Batch Coffee

Small Batch Coffee have six gorgeous cafes in and around Brighton, serving not just coffee but eclectic, seasonal and regionally sourced ‘Small Batch Brunch’ as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. There really is something for everyone. They contacted us with a brief for branded planters.

Our planters are the perfect accompaniment to the Small Batch locations offering an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to their outdoor space. They provide an element of privacy to the diner as well as sectioning off the area just for the Small Batch guests. We were able to match to the specified colour and print the branding from image supplied to create these planters which are in keeping with their brand.
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