Gentle diversification & Rural Innovation

28/04/2022 | 0 comments

Here at Fabulous Farm Shop HQ, we love hearing all about the many innovations you Farm Shops are coming up with. Do get in touch if there are additions or changes that you are making and we can shout about them to our followers.
Many farm shops have been thinking about the planet and have added zero waste refill areas like at Radmore Farm Shop in Cambridgeshire or milk stations like the wonderfully named “Moo Station” at Roves Farm Shop in Wiltshire.
We have even seen one farm shop, recently introduce electric charging points outside in their car park which is a fabulous addition. Loving your work, Three Trees Farm Shop, WiltshireSmall changes that can make a big difference! These charging points can add over 100 miles of range to your vehicle in 15 minutes – just enough time to fill a basket at the shop! 
And outside the farm shop, we see playgrounds and animal paddocks as at Harvest Barn Shop in Cambridgeshire, maize mazes, pick your own or a #freshfishthursday featured fish man as at Croots Farm Shop in Derbyshire.
Some changes were brought about by the pandemic but have proved so popular that they have been made permanent features and are keeping customers happy and healthy.
The Gog Farm Shop in Cambridgeshire are maintaining their “stay in car” service where customers are encouraged to drive up to the farm shop, pull in to one of the two designated bays, sound their horn and one of the team will come and take their order and bring their shopping to their car.

Jolly Nice Farm Shop in Gloucestershire are investing in a brand new drive-thru service after their takeaway service (built within 8 weeks of the first Covid lockdown)  helped keep customers safe and staff employed. 

And this wonderful addition not only caught our attention but it won Jolly Nice farm shop the title of ‘Best Rural Innovation’ in the Southwest regional finals of the @ruralbusinessawards

Hoorah for gentle diversification, rural innovation and keeping the farm shop fresh!


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