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​There’s a new man on the scene at Fabulous Farm Shops HQ and we hope you’re going to meet him soon.  Edward Spicer runs his own unique business (more on that in a minute) but is perfectly placed to talk to all you fabulous farm shop owners out there about the great work that we are doing and he has agreed to become our man on the ground, our ambassador, the bearded face of Fabulous Farm Shops!


​He travels around the UK with his own business, ArtisanLink, which he set up after seeing a gap in the market. He recognised that artisan producers want to put all their time and effort into creating the most beautiful, delicious, flavoursome product they can and that the promotion of that product to the delis and farm shops out there can be time-consuming and tricky.

​Equally, he realised that the huge range of products bombarding the farm shop and deli owners on a daily basis made an informed decision difficult and that a lot of the best products were being lost amongst the, shall we say, less scrumptious.


​Edward knew there was a place for a personal service, a trusted, carefully crafted regional sample delivery service. He gathers the best artisan products and presents the samples to the established farm shops and delis in his four carefully thought-out regions (see his website for more details on this) with a friendly and informative approach.

​Edward does the leg work, enhancing brand exposure and maximising the impact of those all-important samples, creating quality leads and new opportunities.


​So…we hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Whilst out on the road with ArtisanLink, Edward will be sharing our latest projects with farm shops, carrying copies of our new printed ‘A’ list and picking up titbits from the coalface of local retail! 

​Communication is the name of the game, so all feedback is welcome… as always, we want to continue to help farm shops and producers thrive in this ever-changing and challenging climate. So, if you meet Edward over the coming months, feel free to sit him down and tell him what you want… maybe just make him a coffee first!

Edward Spicer  – Artisan Link
44 7947 612452

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