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Fabulous Farm Shops are delighted to announce they have partnered up with the sustainability app “Too Good to Go” to help farm shops and producers attract new consumers and fight food waste
Every year, UK food businesses waste 100,000 tonnes of surplus food – but there is a way to help combat this…
The concept is simple.

The ‘
Too Good To Go’ app lets businesses sell surplus food to local customers to save it from going to waste.
The individual business updates the app at the end of the day to show how much surplus food they have to sell.
​It’s as easy as that!

Customers can then search the app for local stores, purchase the food via the app (buying a surprise ‘Magic Bag’ of surplus food), then pick it up at a time set by the store.
​There’s no need for stores to predict what won’t sell; rather than listing individual portions of food, they can simply load Magic Bags with whatever is left over that day, setting a price that is fair for them and the customer.

So far, UK food businesses have sold almost 10 million Magic Bags, recouping costs and meeting new customers at the same time. There are currently 7 million app users and 20,000 food businesses creating Magic Bags out of food that would otherwise be wasted at the end of the day.
Our farm shop members & ‘A’ list producer members can join this movement and benefit from having their first year’s administration fee of £39 waived.
Just click HERE to get started and Freddie from ‘Too Good To Go’ will help you through the simple steps to get you up and running.
Read on to hear the Too Good To Go story.. 
Too Good To Go has an ambitious goal: to inspire and empower everyone to fight food waste, while proving that it’s possible for businesses to thrive with social good at their core.

​The problem is simple: too much food is being thrown away. It happens at stores and restaurants everywhere, from fresh sandwiches sitting in rubbish bags behind cafes, to steaming trays of untouched buffet fare being tipped directly into bins. It’s all delicious, made to be enjoyed – but it’s getting wasted instead.

At the same time, food waste is putting the planet under enormous strain. Entire forests are cleared to grow produce that will never be eaten, and scientists have discovered how food releases harmful greenhouse gases when it’s disposed of unsustainably.
It raises the discussion: if our food is putting the planet under so much strain, why are we throwing so much of it away? That’s the question several entrepreneurs around Europe – from Paris to Copenhagen to Leeds – were asking when, in 2016, they joined forces to create Too Good To Go.                
​It’s a free app that people can use to buy unsold food that would otherwise be wasted. Users get delicious meals at a great price, businesses recover costs, and the planet has less wasted food to deal with – it’s a win-win-win.

​At Too Good To Go, they believe that sustainable options should be easy and fun. They should make the planet a happier place, and they should be accessible to everyone.

They also believe that, despite how big and complicated it is, food waste is a problem we can solve together. That’s why they’re working with changemakers across society – from politicians to school children – to drive a movement that puts an end to the world’s most senseless problem.
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