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Lemberona are totally focused on reducing carbon emissions and protecting the planet – we always have been.  In fact, our PlantLife brand of dried fruits and nuts is one of the most sustainable and zero carbon emitting brands you can stock in your store.  ‘How can that be, as the goods are not from the UK?’, we hear you ask.  


​So let us explain.  The first point is that the UK climate does not support the growth of mature fruits in our range, such as sour cherries, white and black mulberries, goji berries, almonds, pomegranates.  


​The trees or bushes may grow here in the UK, but they will not produce a harvestable crop, without substantial carbon emitting, artificial environments.  So, the UK must import them from somewhere.  Many PlantLife products grow in the wilderness of the mountains near Samarkand in Central Asia and are harvested by hand. The air is pure and snow melt from the foothills of the Himalayas provides the necessary water for plants to survive. You would not see a chemical or pesticide within several hundred miles.  Most items grow on or around the ancient silk roads of central Asia, which are still just dirt tracks as they were when Marco Polo travelled them in the 13th century


Lemberona has an association with Fairtrade farmers or harvesters of wild produce.  They are paid a premium wage and pick the crops under Uzbek Government license when their goods are weighed in at the collection point.  


​Goods are then transferred to a factory on the outskirts of Samarkand, where they are dried using 100% solar energy.  In fact, the brand was called ‘The Pearls of Samarkand’ for over a decade.  The drying process concentrates the nutritional value of the fruits and reduces the weight by around 90%, at the same time preserving the product for many years when stored correctly.  Lemberona also planted over 300,000 trees on the slopes of the Pamir mountains, which not only absorb carbon, but prevent landslides.  At this stage, PlantLife products have only absorbed carbon, but they will emit a small amount when the goods are transferred to Austria for packing.  The packing facility also runs off solar energy.  Lemberona asked Anthesis to measure our carbon footprint and they concurred that PlantLife does in fact have a negative carbon footprint – so no net emissions. But even better news, incredible intense flavours and quality.

​So, if you sell the PlantLife brand you are providing your customers with very healthy organically certified products as well as supporting a very ethical business in every respect.

For more details,  please get in touch on info@lemberona.at
Visit our website at www.plantlife.organic
Or call us on 01832 270196

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