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24/05/2020 | 0 comments

The Aberffraw shortbread is a traditional, handmade shortbread in the shape of a
scalloped shell and it’s said to originate from the 13th century…making it quite possibly,
the oldest biscuit in Britain! 

The Aberffraw Biscuit Company have recreated this traditional rich, buttery shortbread
and have not only received much media attention (even appearing on TV) but have also bagged themselves some prestigious awards including The Great Taste Award!

​Make no mistake when I say this handmade shortbread is a LUXURY all butter shortbread, Aberffraw’s traditional Welsh, shortbread is 
made with just 3 top quality ingredients; butter, flour and sugar. 
​But hold on, you’ll be very pleased to hear that there’s more than just ONE variety in
Aberffraw’s range…

The NEW ginger Aberffraw biscuit is handmade using crystallised and ground ginger,
giving this beautifully buttery shortbread a wonderfully warm finish, so beautiful in
fact, that this new to the range flavour won itself a prestigious ‘Great Taste’ award.

Created with a mix of tea, spices and raisins, the Bara Brith shortbread is packed full
with flavour with its delecatble mix of sweet n’ spice.

The deeply rich and buttery chocolate shortbread is baked to absolute perfection and
quite impossible to resist.

Aberffraw’s lemon shortbread is a real treat & incredibly moreish…created with grated
lemon zest it’s really no surprise this shortbread has also won itself an envious Great
Taste Award.

And The Great Taste Award goes to…
​Treat someone special to one of Aberffraw’s super-duper gift tins
​…if you can bear to part with it, that is!
​By demand, Aberffraws traditional Welsh biscuits are now available in twin packs and
proving to be an incredibly popular, authentic Welsh wedding favour and treat or gift
for hotel & holiday cottage guests.
Luckily for you, you can satisfy your taste buds & indulge in Aberffraw’s award-
winning shortbread and buy online HERE

The only casualty during this review was my waistline and you’ll understand why
when you try these scrumptious (and rather special) shortbread yourself!

​If you have a farm shop product and fancy a review, get in touch!


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