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19/04/2018 | 0 comments

On my travels, I came across this…

​There’s no better snack than good old fashioned cheese ‘n crackers, right?
Being a bit of an old stick in the mud, I’ve always spread & stuck with the usual ‘high street’ brand of chutney. I’m not easily swayed and I like what I like. I mean, who’s ever heard of apricots & dates in their jar of chutney?  
Chutters for Cheese had to prove itself and I can honestly say…
… I’m converted.
This jar of yumminess is handmade with love by the wonderful (and already multi award winning) company Ajar Of.
Based deep in the heart of Dorset, in a converted cowshed, Ajar Of pride themselves on the quality, integrity & originality of their products and being inspired by nature, use only natural and locally sourced ingredients. Yep, they certainly are ‘keeping it real’…
The combination of dried dates, prunes, apricots, figs, sultanas and raisins makes this the perfect chutney for cheese!
​Chutters is deliciously & delicately spiced. It goes hand in hand with the fresh ‘n fruity, zingy taste.
​Chutters for cheese is just one of the many Ajar Of products. They have created some truly wonderful and unusual jams, marmalade’s, mustard’s and sauces. You should check them out HERE.  
How does Red Plum and Cinnamon Jam sound? Or maybe Dorset Sea Salted Caramel Sauce? 
There’s a great range of both sweet & savoury & all sauces contain little or no added sugar, preservatives, colouring’s or any of that other unnatural stuff.
​The only negative point I have to write is that I’m all out…..Chutters is no longer with me. I’m sorry to say, Chutters only survived 3 days in my nest  (I even tried to hide it, too)
​Still, on the upside, I can buy online AND get free delivery if I select 5 or more jars and that’s no hard task, I can tell you!

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