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On my travels, I came across this…
Black Bee’s raw (or unprocessed) honey is not only ridiculously finger lickin’ good, it’s a super food that packs a long, long list of  health benefits.  With its high level of antibacterial properties, raw honey contains antioxidants which can help with digestive issues, reduce the intensity of acne, soothe a sore throat and even help heal wounds​! (oh & did I mention it’s finger lickin’ good?) 


The name Black Bee comes from the original British honey bee which very nearly died out a century ago but is now having a resurgence. The Black Bee Company work closely with local beekeepers to create 3 great products, all jarred in batches straight from the hive.
Excellent stuff!

This really is ​a taste of summer in a jar, in fact, it takes me right back to my childhood! Summer Honey is created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers & this honey has a rich golden colour and a heady, floral flavour. 
There’s nothing added & nothing taken away from this delicious jar of loveliness…no additives, no preservatives, dairy and gluten free. This, combined with the floral aroma & flavour makes it a great addition to your morning cuppa or pouring on your porridge. 
​A healthy source of natural sugars and vitamins to boot!
​The delicious British Heather honey is made by the bees in Exmoor National Park.
​Known as the British Manuka, it’s bold and pretty darn beautiful & I can  taste the sweet
heather subtly coming through in the background whilst pondering, if there are any other foods that tastes THIS good that’s also GOOD for you?
You’ll struggle to go back to mass-produced honey after you discover this, “the nectar of the Gods”.
Just the best tasting, raw British honey. Simple as that and I quite agree with Black Bee’s mantra……..when it comes to honey, the bees know best!

​You can buy online here OR find your nearest stockist here

If you have a British product & fancy a review, get in touch!


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