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The humble condiment, salt, is a staple of every kitchen cupboard but Blackthorn Salt is
not only completely natural, it’s totally unique, relying solely on the forces of nature; the
wind, sun and sea.
Just take a look at this magnificent structure!
This incredible Graduation Thorn Tower was built from scratch by Blackthorn Salt using
sustainable and responsible materials 
on the West Coast of Scotland and is the only salt
tower in the UK and not only that, it’s the only tower in the WORLD to produce salt! 
Impressive huh?
​This ancient & environmentally friendly process begins with seawater slowly trickling
down through the enormous thorn tower whilst the wind evaporates excess water. The
skill and expertise of Blackthorn’s Salters tease temperature to ensure the sea water
evaporates precisely.
The time and labour that goes into producing this superb artisan salt shows in the slight
tinge derived from the Blackthorn bark.  The impressively large flakes gave us the crucial
crunch we were hoping for and the wonderful tangy, sweet and yet mellow sea water
aftertaste is simply divine. 
When adding these beautiful flakes to our ‘culinary dishes’ we
found them to not only add a perfectly pure smooth saltiness, but also when requiring
them to crumble to a fine smooth salt, they did just that!
When sprinkling on our finished dish, it looked like crystal and you could almost see the
glistening of the sea.
We even caught one of the team eating this NEAT!… that’s a weird one, but she professed
these salt flakes just melted on the tongue.
Blackthorn Salt is truly unique…
​…created from 100% sea water & nothing else!
​Top chefs have already chosen to experiment with Blackthorn Salt and these wonderful,
moreish flakes come into their own when used as a finishing salt, for bespoke cheeses,
within charcuterie or sprinkled on desserts and cocktails.
Even Blackthorn’s handsome packaging box has been well thought out.  Using no plastic
and with a closable lid to keep your salt dust free, this sturdy and attractive box is
perfectly ‘hand sized’ so you can easily dip in and out when you’re cooking.

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