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7/03/2021 | 0 comments

Whenever the team get to receive an award-winning food they are instantly excited.
Bottlebrush Ferments produce live, raw and naturally fermented Kimchi’s and
Sauerkraut’s which are not only great tasting
 but help improve people’s gut health in a
quick, easy and convenient way. 
Fermented the traditional way using ‘wild’ lacto-fermentation to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, that when eaten regularly, Bottlebrush’s ferments can boost gut health, as well as all-round health and well-being. 

Bottlebrush Ferments co-founders Ben Payne & Hesh Daud have 30 years of experience in
their fields of personal trainer/health coach & chef and their passion is clear – HEALTHY
LIVING – which they feel, starts with the live products they create. 
 The name of the brand Bottlebrush is taken from is a flower which was grown in both their back gardens when growing up in Australia and even when miles apart, this flower was able to show its adaptability and resilience just like this amazingly talented pair!

Fabulous Farm Shops received 4 generous sized jars to review 

Starting with the teams favourite!
​When opening this jar of Kimchi, we were hit with the most wonderful aromas of garlic
and chilly.
When they say ‘bursting with flavour’ then this is IT!
Bottlebrush’s jar of Kimchi is packed with super fresh Chinese cabbage, spring onions,
garlic, a pop of chilli and a zing of ginger. It’s delicious, different, crunchy & definitely
moreish so it wasn’t too long before this jar was devoured. 
The Yellow One‘s aroma was beautifully sweet with a scent of ginger and turmeric.
This live, raw and unpasteurised Sauerkraut is zesty and fruity, reminiscent of a summers day and would be a pretty perfect and, let’s not forget, HEALTHY topping to your burger this BBQ season.
The White One is Bottlebrush’s ‘plain and simple’ Sauerkraut.
We don’t feel that way though!
The distinct flavours of the Horseradish and dill within this healthy jar of goodness brings it to life and will add a zing and a crunch to any dish you wish.
The Purple One‘s aroma is dark, rich and earthy and we feel this versatile vegan Sauerkraut would be a good (daily) all-rounder by livening up your chicken or fish dish or even your predictable ploughman’s.
Worth remembering… there’s nothing​ nasty added to any of Bottlebrushes ferments, just all natural goodness.
​​There’s a reason why Bottlebrush have bagged so many Great Taste awards. 
Their 100% natural Sauerkraut and Kimchi range tastes amazing & will love you from the inside out, helping us all to eat well & look after our gut!

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