Product Review – Bumble Wrap

10/12/2020 | 0 comments

Having received a beautiful package from Bumble Wrap we were all rather excited to try
these environmentally friendly, plastic-free, food wraps.
​Located in York, this incredibly enthusiastic and passionate company have created a
vibrant and versatile range of handmade, 100% cotton and beeswax food wraps that will
not only keep your food fresh but are non-toxic & 100% biodegradable too!
But, before we even try these eco-friendly wraps, it’s pretty amazing to know that Bumble Wrap are helping towards a sustainable world by creating this natural alternative to cling film that you can wash and reuse time and time again.
Bumble Wraps are mouldable, so even odd-shaped foods can be wrapped meaning you can use them in a number of different ways, there’s even have a ‘how to’ section on Bumble Wraps website where you’ll find simple instructions on how to make the most effective  sandwich wrap or even a gift box!
One of our team has recently had a baby and felt Bumble Wrap’s snack pouch would come in very handy in the future when she’s out and about with her baby, not only because it’s
completely natural, but pliable too and so easy to clean and reuse.

​The team particularly loved the Bumble Bee design as it plays on the nature of the product reminding us that we are helping the world by using it.​
There’s a Bumble Wrap for every occasion and
these not only come in a wide range of designs but
sizes too.
From large loaf sized wraps to dinky jam pot or
bottle covers, there’s a suitable size to cover any

Bumble Wraps would make a thoughtful and thought provoking gift to give to your friends & family and are sure to be well used during the festive season. 

The teams final say is… we’re converted
After trialling Bumble Wraps, we agree that there’s absolutely no need for single use plastic
food coverings, so we’re ditching the cling film and making the change!
You should too.

Thank you Bumble Wrap!


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