Product Review – Chapman’s Seafoods Haddock Bakes

27/09/2020 | 0 comments

Fabulous Farm Shops and our team of reviewers have been lucky enough to have
come across Chapman’s Seafoods before, in fact we’re quite familiar with their award-
winning and pretty darn fabulous range of fish and aside from their famous,
handmade fish cakes, wellingtons and shellfish, we had an absolute bonus this week
when Chapman’s Haddock Bakes came up for review!
​Arriving frozen and in packs of two, Chapman’s Haddock Bakes consist of a generous
fillet of haddock topped with a delicious Broccoli, Leek & Cheese sauce and coated
with crushed crunchy croutons. 

The rich haddock flavour, paired with the tasty, unique and creamy sauce makes this
succulent bake nothing short of scrumptious. The crunchy, crumbly croutons simply
add the finishing touch to a marvellous dish
 and there was not a speck left on our
plates! ​
The mm’s and ah’s were coming from all and it was a 10/10 from us!

Just pop this bake into the oven for 30 minutes and hey presto, you have yourself a truly
irresistible and impressive meal. Chapman’s have done all the work for you and made
it so easy, anyone can cook this!

From fish bakes to fish cakes,
​Chapman’s offer a fabulous range of ready meals!

Chapman’s use the best quality fish & ingredients in their range of products and that’s 
plain to see (and taste) they’re also proud to be part of the rich fishing heritage that
Grimsby is famous for.
With their strong values & superb quality, 
Chapman’s offer a truly ​scrumptious &
utterly unique range of handcrafted fish & seafood dishes.
Chapman’s FAMOUS gourmet, handmade & AWARD-WINNING fish cakes! 
You can buy Chapman’s range direct HERE and stock up your freezer.
Farm shops c
onsidering stocking Chapman’s (who, by the way will support you with a wide range of marketing material INCLUDING branded freezers) enquire HERE

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