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​The Chapman family are incredibly proud to be part of the rich fishing heritage that Grimsby is famous for and quite rightly too!
With their strong values & superb quality, Chapman’s offer a truly scrumptious & utterly unique range of handcrafted fish & seafood dishes.
​If you like a little fishy on your dishy, read on!
My hardest job this week was to actually CHOOSE one of Chapman’s dishes to review as they all look so darn good!
Using only the very best quality fish and ingredients, Chapman’s range varies from luxury fish pies, smoked haddock & breaded fish to prawns, scallops and fillets.
I reluctantly selected the Haddock Bake. I say ‘reluctantly’ as I also had my eye on the ginormous fish fingers… FOMO.

Firstly, Chapman’s sure don’t cut corners on size, what a great sized portion this is! 
This AWARD WINNING Haddock Bake is full of exciting flavours and for a moment, I feel I’m eating freshly caught fish. The crumbly crushed croutons, broccoli, leek and melted cheese are incredibly mouthwatering. This dish is different, it’s exciting & I reckon these Haddock Bakes wouldn’t be out of place in a Michelin star restaurant.

And why should I miss out on Chapman’s fish fingers?? 
OK, I admit it…I usually opt for the high street BIG name fish finger and never really thought they’d be THAT much difference. 
Oh how wrong I was!
​Firstly and yes, childishly, the size amused me. I reckon these jumbo deluxe, fish fingers are equatable to 4 ‘regular’ fish fingers.
Another huge and very obvious difference is that Chapman’s fish fingers are PROPER, as in proper chunks of cod, chunks that you can get your teeth into.
Fish finger sarnies will never be the same again as these blow any high street bought fish fingers out the water (so to speak)
If you’re rather partial to a fish cake then you should know that Chapman’s AWARD WINNING (yep, more awards) gourmet Fish Cakes are handmade using the best fish and carefully selected ingredients.
The innovative flavour combinations such as ‘Thai Style Salmon‘, ‘Haddock & Leek’ and ‘Smoked Salmon & Horseradish’ are just a few of the truly scrumptious fish cakes Chapman’s create.
​I cannot write a review without mentioning Chapman’s Classic Fish & Parsley Fish Cakes.
This is THE original Fish Cake…the Fish Cake that started it all off…YEP, the mother of all fish cakes. These Cod & Potato fish cakes are handcrafted and yes, you got it AWARD WINNING!
These guys must be quite literally, tripping over their awards!
Once you’ve tried and tasted Chapman’s Fish Bakes or Coated Fish products, you will want to try them all.
I do.
And will.

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