Product Review – Char Coal Cheddar Cheese

27/05/2018 | 0 comments

On my travels, I came across THIS…
I’m always on the hunt for something ‘a little bit quirky’ and whilst perusing Manor Farm Shops cheese counter a little black shiny boulder caught my eye…I’d stumbled upon the first to market, completely black cheddar cheese! 

Produced by Michael Lees fine cheese in Yorkshire, these novel little black waxed cheeses certainly are quirky and are actually made using charcoal from the mines in Yorkshire, mixed with a creamy mature wax coated cheddar.  
On returning home, I’m keen to have a closer inspection and I soon realise that this cheese is playing with my mind.  It really DOES look like a lump of charcoal & I feel as though I shouldn’t really be eating it & I’m pretty certain that I won’t enjoy it,  but once I get around that mental barrier and actually taste it, it fills my mouth with a deliciously creamy, smooth, mature cheddar. I bought this for the novelty, but this is way more than that.  This is delicious!
I immediately started thinking (wickedly) of all the fun dishes I could create with black cheese. It sure would be a unexpected twist at the dinner table or an amusing addition to the cheese board.  I’m already thinking of Halloween and cheese on toast for tea..

This semi hard mature cheddar challenges your perception & has rightly won itself awards.
​I guarantee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to just how good it tastes!

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