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If you’re looking to stock quality stationary in your farm shop or country store, then this company is sure to be of interest to you!

Charles Sainsbury-Plaice offer the most fabulous range of inspired gifts and cards for all us countryside lovers, from vintage humour greetings cards, traditional birthday cards, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, wall planners, British made Aga covers, notebooks & much, MUCH more.   

​Firstly, ​I have to say, that this review has been one of my most difficult as I love so many of the wonderful designs that it’s nigh on impossible to choose which one to hone in on!

Take ‘​Hare‘ for example…
How beautiful is this? And so fashionable too! 
This stunningly bold greeting card is 15cm x 15cm,  ​(individually wrapped with envelope) & printed on woodland carbon board. 

You’ll find a superb range of artistic greetings cards such as these…
The Goose and Hen are painted by Clare Brownlow using pheasant feathers!
her artists featured include Bryn Parry, Alex Underdown, Heather Blanchard, Debbie Harris, Colin Blanchard and of course, Charles Sainsbury-Plaice himself.
And it’s not just our feathered friends that are featured either.
There’s a whole range of quality images and prints to choose from including dogs, wildlife & landscape, farming & country, sports, equestrian and cats.
Simply put, there’s a greetings or Birthday
card suitable for anyone and everyone!
​I’ve found that Charles Sainsbury-Plaice’s range of cards, makes me feel rather proud. These images truly celebrate the beauty of Britain’s countryside and the pleasures of rural living…
We all recognise this, don’t we?
Thelwell has to be the most popular countryside cartoonist in Britain and Charles Sainsbury-Plaice is the U.K’s main licence holder.
You’ll find many timeless Thelwell gifts that aren’t 
available anywhere else, including mugs, door signs, wrapping paper, books and greetings cards.
Absolutely the PERFECT gift for pony lovers.
Take a look at the brilliant selection of Christmas cards and gifts available, there’s so much to choose from!
From cutesy, festive cards & British farming related mugs to humerous calender’s & topical hardback books.
Hear the sound of  the countryside with this brilliant range of  ‘noisy cards‘.
​Birdwatchers will love the 
nightingale card as it bursts into birdsong!
These terrifically fun cards are totally unique, are blank (with envelope) and the batteries will last at least 150 openings. You’ll hear the sheep dog barking, the tractor engine revving and the Mallard duck quacking when opening these thoughtful greetings cards.
Spot on
 for Birthday, Father’s Day, Valentines and numerous other occasions, don’t you think?

Why not have a browse through Charles Salisbury-Plaice’s ​brochure and then apply for a wholesale account?

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