Product Review – Dorset Sea Salt Co

22/08/2018 | 0 comments

Founded in 2017, The Dorset Sea Salt Company have not only retained traditional methods and hand harvest their sea salt from Dorset’s Jurassic coastline, they have also added an ethical and ecological ethos to the process.
​The Dorset Sea Salt Co use an on-site wind turbine & solar pv array (Biomass, Wind & Solar) which helps ensure their carbon footprint is as low impact as they can possibly make it and a unique filtering system which helps to preserve all the goodness. 
Great stuff huh? 

Each batch of sea salt created takes devotion, care and love. 
​It’s clean, pure and fresh with no anti clumping agents and NO nasty chemicals added.

​This extra special sea salt, packs a punch and is rich in vital minerals which makes it a healthy alternative to table salt. 
There’s a great selection of gourmet salts to choose from, ​ranging from the ‘every day’ natural sea salt, to the delicious, infused garlic, the lively chilli, right down to the organic pure beetroot juice & organic pure apple juice salt.  
There’s some fabulous gift sets available (you can BUY online) and there’s even a useful 
RECIPE page to help inspire you.

Yep!  Cooking just got a whole lot tastier with The Dorset Sea Salt Company!

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