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                              On my travels, I came across THIS...
Driver’s Pickles have been synonymous with the great British Fish and Chip shop for over a hundred years but now they offer a full range of condiments after launching their brand new deli range!
Pickling from their Leicestershire kitchen, ALL of Driver’s products are free from artificial flavourings & additives…. 

​The mini silverskin onions are pickled in honey & balsamic vinegar. They’ll make an ideal accompaniment as they’re crisp, crunchy and just sweet enough.
These little bulbs will pack an oniony punch into any dish you put them in.  Dinky ‘lil pickled onions for the true connoisseur. … 
​​The sweet little cornichons (cocktail gherkins to you and me) are pickled in a sweet white balsamic vinegar.

Don’t be fooled, this is a tart little pickle and these nubby little condiments might look cute but, MY WORD, their flavour is mighty!

​The 1906 pickled onions are ‘hand peeled’ & pickled the traditional way using Driver’s very own top secret recipe! These HAVE to be the onion lover’s fav.  Perfect partner for my ploughmans.  There’s a genuine
‘homemadey’ taste with an unbeatable
​Yep, this is the ultimate pickled onion
Have a look at all the scrumptious pickles, relishes and chutneys Driver’s are now producing, you can buy online too!  

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