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26/10/2020 | 0 comments

Located in Somerset, family run Ebdon Firewood Ltd ​supply kiln dried and seasoned hard
wood logs, kindling, eco logs & firelighters and the ethos of this fabulous company is to be
as environmentally conscious as possible. ​
The team at Fabulous Farm Shops had a right old burn up this week after we received
Ebdon’s NEW ‘handy’ bags of firewood along with Ebdon’s kindling and natural
Firstly and importantly, Ebdon’s firewood is Woodsure accredited (the UK’s ONLY
woodfuel quality assurance scheme) which means you can be super confident that all the
firewood supplied by Ebdon is top-notch, high-quality wood and nothing else!

Have you always struggled to light a good fire?
I have and appreciate there’s a knack to it but never questioned it could be the 
quality of
the wood that I was using. So, I’ve spent many disappointing hours poking and blowing but never have I managed to copy the iconic roaring fire I’d always hoped for.

So when I was asked to try Ebdon’s wood, kindling and firelighters, I thought, hmmm…I’ll
give it a good go but I’m not holding my breath! It’s just wood, right?

I began like I always do by using a handful of kindling and then added a couple of Ebdon’s
dried logs, lit a firelighter, popped it between the kindling and wandered off.  So used to
the disappointing and time wasting fires I usually create, it didn’t occur to me that this
would be any different!
Within minutes, I was being congratulated by the family for the wonderful roaring fire I
had taken time to make and how warm and cosy the living room felt!
Of course, I couldn’t accept the compliment’s…clearly this was all down to Ebdon’s quality
wood. So impressed I am, that I’ve ferreted away enough for Christmas Day.    


​I was expecting to get a heady rush of fumes when
opening Ebdon’s natural firelighters and was
pleasantly surprised and a little dubious that these
brilliant little bundles of wood wool burn for up to
10 minutes and are not only odourless but
smokeless too! 

We all love the fact that Ebdon avoid single use plastics and instead use jute sacks.
These jute sacks are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable and with 50p off their
next Ebdon purchase, will certainly encourage customers to return to your farm shop.
We believe that Ebdon’s smaller ‘handy’ sized jute sacks of firewood are pretty darn perfect if you’re short on suitably dry, storage space.

If you’re interested in stocking excellent quality firewood, you can email Ebdon
Firewood HERE

​If you have a farm shop product & fancy a review, get in touch with The Team!


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