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​Located in Exmoor, husband and wife team John & Nicola Smith, launched Exmoor
back in January 2018 and have not only turned their passion (and hands) into producing small batch, premium gins but, even in their relatively short life, have
been recognised AND awarded for their handcrafted gins by seasoned experts in
worldwide spirits competitions.

The Fabulous Farm Shop team had a very special delivery this week & the immense
pleasure of sampling and reviewing Exmoor Distillery’s gins. Yes, it’s a tough job but
someone’s got to do it!

DOUBLE GOLD was recently awarded to BOTH Northmoor Classic Gin & Northmoor Navy Strength Gin by The San Francisco World Spirit Competition, one of the world’s most prestigious spirit competitions.

Exmoor Distillery currently have two gins in their range, Northmoor Classic Gin &
Northmoor Navy Strength Gin and as it was a school night, we began with Exmoor’s
‘flag ship’ Classic Gin.
Firstly, and importantly, we feel the branding and packaging of Exmoor’s bottles is
definitely worth a mention.  Each bottle ​of Northmoor Gin is carefully bottled and
labelled in house. Classy, traditional and very British are just a few of the comments
our tasters made. 

Only the very best berries & botanicals are sourced and handpicked for Northmoor
Classic Gin which makes t
his a premium quality and complex artisan gin, incredibly
smooth (although it IS punchy with 44% ABV) but light on the lips, citrusy and quite
simply divine when mixed with a good quality tonic.

We tried this with a garnish, a simple slice of orange and the result was superb,
probably a bit too moreish…!

Now if you’re a REAL gin lover (who isn’t?) we think you might want to add Exmoor
Distillery’s Navy Strength Gin, 57% ABV, to your hit list…

Exmoor have created a unique recipe using a carefully selected mix of 12 botanicals
to make their multi award-winning Navy Strength Gin.
From coriander, angelica root and lemon, to cinnamon, elderberries and sweet orange,
this strong earthy gin will separate the men from the boys, so to speak!
Serve over ice or with a slice or… perhaps use this as the key ingredient for a deep and strong, cocktail?
It’s seriously full of flavour, incredibly bold and yet exquisitely smooth.
An exceptional & irresistible gin, available in both 35cl and 70cl 

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, Exmoor Distillery offer beautifully presented gift
boxes containing 3 x 5cl Northmoor Classic or Navy Strength Gin or perhaps you’d like to treat a gin loving friend to an award-winning (70cl) bottle of artisan gin packaged in
an attractive gift box?
All of Exmoor Distillery’s wonderful handcrafted gins are available to buy online in
35cl or 70cl bottles as well as branded copa, hi-ball and tumbler glasses and
quarantine specials
If you’re a farm shop and keen to stock Exmoor Distillery’s award-winning gins, you
can contact them HERE

Keep a close eye on Exmoor Distillery as they continue to grow!
Exciting future plans involve distillery tours and even branching into rum and other


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