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15/03/2021 | 0 comments

The idea of Gattertop’s beautiful craft vodka products came from growing up in and
around nature, where childhood days were spent fruit picking from their historic,
Herefordshire family farm.
Gemma Standeven the founder of these inviting drinks has experimented for many years,
with various spirits until she finally found her award-winning recipes.
Gattertop isn’t just about making wonderful drinks, the importance of sustainability is
clear to see.
Being environmentally responsible, Gattertop hold a Soil Association certified organic
license and 
implement organic methods within their organic orchard. Even Gattertop’s
labels and marketing material are thoughtfully created using recycled paper. 
The team began their review with Gattertop’s Botanic No7 and we were all really impressed
with its simple, yet elegant design.
Gattertop have clearly worked hard to get this drink just right.
100% British made grain spirit is balanced perfectly; infused with seasonal damson
blossom, apple blossom, elderflower, basil, lemon, rosemary all
 foraged throughout the
year from Gattertop’s ancient orchards, hedgerows, fields, woodlands and gardens.
 distilled in small batches in copper pot stills, this earthy & crisp, yet
completely natural vodka was a real treat for the team when
 paired with soda water.
From Branch to Bottle
The team were intrigued by the dark colouring of Gattertop’s Damson No12  craft Vodka.
We served simply over ice and this didn’t disappoint!
Home-grown damsons are steeped in quality British Vodka for an entire year to develop its
incredibly deep and nutty, yet fruity character… a perfect after-dinner drink.

With its delicious fragrant aroma and sweet smooth taste, it comes as no surprise to the
team that 
Damson No 12 has won multiple awards AND is an award winning Great Taste

Well, who doesn’t love to receive a gift box?

Gattertop not only produce amazing tasting vodka’s but create fantastic gift boxes too!
Arriving in a handsome box and beautifully packaged, there’s no doubt that Gattertop’s gift
would make a brilliant present…
Gattertop’s ‘Entertaining at Home’ with Botanic No7 Vodka gift box includes a 70cl botanic
No7 Vodka, French rosemary almonds, natural light tonic water, soda water, lemon and
thyme olives as well as a timeline classic game.
The team were delighted with the innovative gift selection. Gattertop have certainly
thought this through and we feel this gift box is a ‘fun night in’ winner!

As the team continue to enjoy the flavours and delights in this gift box, all that is left to say
is cheers, bottoms up, we hope you enjoy Gattertop’s award-winning drinks as much as
we have!

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