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​We all know that ‘GIN’ is ‘IN’ don’t we?
…I mean it’s the nations favourite tipple right?

But, what’s different about Greensand Ridge’s gin and what stands out, is their ability to create their gin from surplus produce or byproducts. 
Not ONLY that, but Greensand Ridge have actually built their own carbon-neutral micro-distillery with the mission to reduce food waste by fermenting and distilling quality produce that those big chain supermarkets just wont take.

Located in the heart of the Weald of Kent, Greensand Ridge Distillery create & craft unique & wonderful Gins, Fruit Brandies & Rums, all of which are distilled with 100% renewable energy… How fabulous is THAT?

Greensand Ridge Distillery’s aim is t​o build a truly sustainable business & produce the finest spirits possible that reflect the flavours of the Kentish woods, orchards, fields & hedgerows. 
their quest for great flavours and by rediscovering, long forgotten ingredients, Greensand Ridge have created an unusual set of spirits.
London Dry Gin, Raspberry Ghost, Wealden Rum, Apple Brandy, Rye Cask Gin and PX Cask Gin
​Greensand Ridge’s London Dry Gin is distilled in small batches from a carefully selected combination of fifteen botanicals, 8 of which are found on their doorstep, in the heart of The Weald, such as poppy seeds and cobnuts, and each one plays an important role in creating this delicately balanced flavour.  

This premium and incredibly flavoursome gin is very well balanced, it goes down smoothly and leaves a pleasant sweetness on the tongue*
It’s wonderfully fresh, spicey, zingy AND moreish (probably a little TOO moreish as I’m trying to write)
​It’s really no surprise to me, that this bottle of loveliness has already bagged itself some pretty prestigious awards. 
Well deserved, I say!

*NB No arms were twisted when asked to review this product

Check this out!
On top of all that Greensand Ridge Distillery create and make, they also offer a fabulous gin experience.
This has to be the PERFECT gift for any gin lover? 
Take a tour of their fantastic distillery, learn about the art of distilling and the different gin botanicals and THEN (this is the best bit) you’ll distill your own full bottle of gin on an individual copper pot still, selecting from their amazing range of over 40 botanicals, whilst enjoying a complimentary G&T!
When the day is done and if you’re still standing, you will take home your very own handmade bottle of gin…brilliant…SIGN ME UP!

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