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4/10/2018 | 0 comments

Did you knowthe benefits of Ghee range from building stronger bones to enhancing weight loss AND if you’re lactose intolerant, have a dairy sensitivity, or just choose to limit your dairy intake, ghee is a practical alternative to butter? 
It’s fashionable too as Kourtney Kardashian drinks  Ghee straight-up first thing in the morning but  thankfully, there’s no need to jet off to Arizona to  find your supply.

                                                                            Meet Happy Butter!
A small Devon based artisan company producing delicious, organic homemade Ghee the traditional way. This fabulous little company source the best organic ingredients and hand churn their Ghee to the highest standards. So high in fact, that they’re now multi award winners and recently (2018) bagged themselves a GOLD award for BOTH of their products from The Great Taste Awards!
​Ghee is known in Indian cooking, but you can add Happy Butter’s grass-fed Ghee to stir fry’s, dressings, soups and even stews. You can use this rich & creamy Ghee as a substitute for coconut oil when baking. Alternatively, simply use as a spread for your toast. A little bit of fat goes a long way in boosting your energy and keeping hunger at bay.
Happy Butter’s Ghee is a deliciously natural alternative to butter (with a much longer shelf life to boot) with both Organic Ghee and Turmeric infused Ghee available to buy online, both being suitable for Keto, Paleo, Fodmap, Ayurvedic and Banting Diets.

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