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24/05/2020 | 0 comments

I know my chocolate and certainly have my preferences. No one had to ask me twice when asked to sample and review Joypots confectionery…EASY!
Or so I thought. Joypots say that they are “on a mission to bring joy through their fantastic range of confectionery”

Turns out, that’s actually the truth!
I honestly don’t know where to start with this review, mainly because of the incredibly
wide and varied range of sweet treats on offer.
But first off, I need to be thorough and professional about this, so I shall begin by
loosening my belt a notch before I delve in & sample this wonderfully exciting variety
​of confectionery.

If you’re a lover of nutty chocolate and let’s face it, who ISN’T,  then you’re in for a real
treat with Joypots Golden Nut Crunch, or Dark Chocolate Brazils… perhaps the
Tiramisu CashewsCinnamon Dusted Milk Chocolate Almonds or maybe the heavenly
Peanut & Popcorn Crunch is more your thing?       

It’s not all about the chocolate though, as Joypots boast a whopping 26 (no, that’s NOT a
typo) mouth-watering varieties to tingle your taste buds, so there really is something

Joypots have even created a ‘grown up’ range of retro cola style bottles…
Gin Fizz, Pink Fizz & Mojito gummies.
Joypots fun & exciting range are produced using only the finest ingredients, are
handpacked in the U.K and available in small or large pots. The pots are made from
recycled materials, which are in-turn, recyclable & reuseable.

Joypots are perfect for snacking or given as a gift and with resealable lids your treats
will be kept joyfully fresh, which is great….but only if you have willpower!
And now for something completely different!
Joybags are Joypots babies and they come in a quirky and rather fabulous range too, all
36 of them, including Milk Chocolate Orange Peel, Milk Chocolate Banana Slices,
Yogurt Honeycomb Bites and Dark Chocolate Gooseberries to name but a few.
I have to add (admit) here that I havent physically been able to put the Dark Chocolate
down as yet. 
So be warned, these are NOT run-of-the-mill chocolates, prepare for a taste
explosion, these are truly out of the ordinary, something special! 
I know many a vegan and it would be wrong of me not to draw attention to this!
Vegan gummie and chewy sweets are hard to come by, but good old Joypots have
thought of you and created this wonderful tub of vegan fruity ‘n’ fizzy, Pick ‘n’ Mix
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and sampling Joypots flavours and whilst I’m
indulging myself with another Tiramisu Brazil, I’m already thinking of what great
stocking fillers these would make! 

​Joypots claim that they recreate traditional sweets with a twist. They mean it.

Want to become a Joypots stockist? (you should) you can enquire HERE. 
​Both Joypots and Joybags have attractive and free-standing, point of sale stands and
you can request a brochure HERE.

​If you have a farm shop product and fancy a review, get in touch with


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