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25/07/2021 | 0 comments

Variety is the spice of life as they say,
and it’s great to see a company with so much variety.
This month, we were lucky enough to have a fabulous range of sauces, chutneys, pickles, pastes and soups delivered to HQ, that we just had to try.

Karimix product range is impressively versatile and inclusive, with tons of gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options.
​First up, we tried the Ramen stock soup paste. (Vegetarians, this one’s for you!)
This product means authentic ramen is so quick & easy – just paste, water, garlic & onions, and a few chopped veggies. 20 minutes later, and with some added noodles, we had ourselves the perfect bowl of homemade ramen.
​The product recipes are greatly influenced by “the unique mixed heritage of the owner and chief creator, a Peranakan who originates from Singapore, a melting pot of Far and South-East Asian cultures and fusion cuisine” – it’ fair to say you can taste the authenticity of these artisan products. On top of this, their North-African inspired pastes and sauces are proving very popular. 

​Next up was the Thai green curry paste
The team were impressed to note that this delight was gluten free, as it certainly wasn’t lacking in anything other than gluten!
A refreshing, rich flavour, with hints of sweet basil, lemongrass & ginger got the taste buds flowing. We teamed this with sticky rice, and Karimix’s Aubergine pickle.
The aubergine may not be everyone’s favourite veggie, but this pickle was really rather lovely, just the right amount of sweet & spiciness. 
​Onto the enticing selection of chutneys, the mango chutney takes centre stage for us.
It was so light in colour, that we thought it was apple at first! This really highlights the quality of Karimix ingredients, in contrast to so many more orange, processed varieties you might find elsewhere. Mild hints of ginger and fennel shone through, making it a hit with the team.

​We then paired the Satay sauce with its well-known accomplice, chicken, but the real mention here goes to the interesting suggestion on the bottle – to make a salad dressing by adding it to mayonnaise.
So simple, yet so effective. Great suggestion!

​Warning, Warning!
Don’t believe everything you’re told!
The peri peri sauce has just a little kick, “just a little” one of the team said… well, lets just say, I might not believe them ever again.
​If you like hot, I dare you to try this one for yourself!
​We encourage you to get inspired by the vast range of mouth-watering recipes
​available on karimix’s website
With their high quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible, ​Karimix don’t use artificial colours or preservatives, so you know your meal, whether with the family or with friends, is in safe hands.
Karimix is a UK based independent, BRC accredited food manufacturer.
​NPD enquiries are welcome.
In addition to their glass jars and bottles intended for retail use, they offer packaging for foodservice in 1kg and 3.5kg recyclable polymer jars or 10kg buckets.
Shop now on their website and get inspired
​karimix for the trade
01227 733878


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