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26/02/2021 | 0 comments

I think the only thing the team can say when receiving this package was WOW!
What a lovely range of products to review with high quality & well thought out items. 

Lochs & Fens brings you the best of both worlds when it comes to country homeware.

Lochs and Fens inspiration came from not only the beauty of the flora and fauna of Argyll
and Lincolnshire but by mother and daughter wanting to spend more time together. 
Their incredible talent is clear to see as their original artwork features across Lochs and
Fens high quality range of tea towels, aprons, toiletries, range-top pads and stationery.

The company isn’t just about a lovely family story but also their commitment and care for the world by ensuring all they can do to be eco-friendly.
Even Lochs and Fens packaging is environmentally friendly, and their special boxes result in 30% saved in co2 emissions. Upon opening our package, we were met with a selection
of beautifully presented products all wrapped in sumptuous, royal blue, acid free tissue
Starting with Lochs oven gloves… we were all surprised with just how thick they were!

coarse texture on one side to help grip hot dishes gave us a level of comfort knowing
our hands were, quite literally, in safe hands and with the simple and yet quite beautiful
pheasant design makes this a good looking oven glove, perfect for any kitchen.

One of the team (not mentioning who!) has a clumsy nature and was delighted to see
that when worn, this glove not only covered her hands but past her wrists too,
giving her that extra level of (much needed) protection.

All the team loved the style of the beautifully drawn stag on Lochs and Fens tea towel
So lovely in fact, that we felt this would be used as our ‘best tea towel’, reserved for special
Being soft and yet firm to the touch, this high quality tea towel would stand up well in any
busy kitchen and l
ike the oven glove, Lochs tea towels are made from 100% unbleached
​Lochs and Fens greetings cards are incredibly thick, which certainly gives you the sense of
Of course, you could send a little note to a friend using this fully recyclable card but
we felt, looking at the fabulous designs and original artwork, this would look even better
framed and hung on our walls… such is the quality!
Now soap in recent times has much more of a meaning than just cleaning your hands and
what with the amount of hand washing happening, it’d be rather nice to give your hands a
bit of a treat!
Lochs and Fens
 triple-mill their soap for a luxurious smooth lather. With its bluebell aroma scent, this soap is not only moisturising, it lathers in your hands (even using a tiny amount) leaving your hands feeling soft and wonderfully fresh, without that dry, after-feeling.
There’s nothing better than the thought of a relaxing evening and a bubble bath to soak
away your day. 
All of the team are rather partial to good quality candles, knowing that scent, design and
longevity are key, so you’ll be pleased to hear that Lochs and Fens candles hit all these areas
with flying colours, with the added environmental bonus that Lochs candles are made in
recycled glass jars and created with 100% soy!
With the simple yet elegant design(s) on the jar and the long lasting aromatic lavender, this  will help you along your way to feeling relaxed and well centred. 
Here at Fabulous Farm Shops, we’re excited to see this company grow and expand their
gorgeous designs as they continue to gain inspiration from Argyll and Lincolnshire.


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