Product Review – Manor Farm Pork, Cranberry & Prosecco Sausages

18/04/2018 | 0 comments

On my travels, I came across this…

​The creative in-house butcher at Manor Farm Shops has obviously been given a free rein,
​as when I recently made a flying visit, I picked up these (out of pure curiosity)…Pork, Cranberry and PROSECCO sausages. 
No, that’s not a typo.
​The butchers counter at Manor Farm Shops in Leasingham ​is, quite frankly, darn excellent. There’s lots of ‘mix & match offers making their meats really good value.
As I’m always on the lookout for something a little different, I was intrigued to find not only pork, cranberry & Prosecco sausages but Christmas pudding, toffee apple and pork & stuffing flavoured sausages too!
Once I got these beauts home and before I had even started cooking, I smelt a gorgeous sweet aroma, almost fruity. ​These are ‘proper’ sausages, thick n’ chunky and nicely seasoned with a coarse texture…100 % meat here with no gristle whatsoever!

There’s very little fat as I grill (always a good sign don’t you think?) and I have to be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised.  I can taste all the wonderful flavours stated on the pack, not overpoweringly so,  just a tasty, subtle sensation. 

Best of all, I LOVE the slightly ‘boozy’ aftertaste and I’m kicking myself for not treating myself to the Christmas Pudding flavoured sausages earlier…
Simply put, what I thought would be just a novelty sausage, isn’t. 

I want more and I’m keen to see what this creative butcher will come up with next! 
Chop! Chop! 🙂 

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