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Once upon a time, set in an enchanting botanical nursery at the foot of the Pentland Hills, just outside Edinburgh, the Old Curiosity Distillery was founded. 
Creators of unique gins that are 100% natural, Old Curiosity have the passion AND knowledge to grow, hand-pick, harvest and infuse over 600 different kinds of herbs and flowers & are forever experimenting and creating new & exciting magical colour-changing gins.
Every bottle is naturally distilled and free from chemicals, sugars & fruit extracts.
Sounds like a fairy tale?
​I reckon it is…
Just how aesthetically pleasing is this?
I feel somewhat ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when I pop the stopper. This beautiful bottle will never be hidden at the back of my dusty old drinks cabinet as, let’s be honest here, it’s a work of art!

The aromatic Lavender and Echinacea gin not only boasts the restorative qualities of the lavender but the medicinal petals of the echinacea flower too, all 100% natural of course.
Serve this chilled, add a splash of tonic whilst watching the miracle of nature unfold with its colour-changing reaction.
If ever a gin could heal the soul, this would be IT…! 
Old Curiosity’s Apothecary Rose Gin is a superbly elegant, fresh n’ floral gin.
The unique and delicate rose flavour makes this an incredibly soft tasting tipple.  
The Rose, of course is freshly picked from the Secret Herb Garden. 
You could really jazz up your cocktail evening with this little beauty as it’s pretty perfect to add to cocktails with its magical colour-changing qualities.
That said, this is neat…NEAT!
How’s this for a special & unique ‘gin lover’ gift? 
​Three magically & deliciously natural gins within this gorgeous miniature gift set.
This wonderful, handcrafted gift set contains colour-changing, Apothecary Rose, Lavender & Echinacea and Chamomile & Cornflower

I mean, REALLY, who in their right mind, would be disappointed to receive THIS on their birthday?

By subscribing to Old Curiosity’s GIN CLUB,  us gin lovers are in for a treat! 
We can expect a monthly delivery of a brand new and exclusive gin such as ‘Hot Pink Tulip’ & White Heather & Rose (for example), along with garnishes, mixers and exclusive offers and events.
Sign me UP!

If THAT’S not enough, then how about spending an hour touring The Old Curiosity Distillery where you can wander around the beautiful secret gin garden and see behind the scenes with the distillery tour?  

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